Travelling is fun but travelling alone is also daring, exciting and testing your limits. Travelling alone to known and unknown routes of the world and exploring the beauty of natural and manmade marvels is what solo men do. Luckily, these solo men travellers are kind enough to pin down their experiences and share it with the community of travel enthusiasts to give their imaginations wings of facts, knowledge and understanding. Just like every year, here we have compiled a list of  Top Soloman Travel Blogs 2018  for you to bust the bubble of monotony and explore the world to satiate your wanderlust.

Here is a list for you - TOP SOLOMAN TRAVEL BLOGS 2019


  1. Wanderlusting – The greatest interests of Wanderlusting lie in languages, history, politics and experiencing cultures in a truly intimate and personal way.
  2. Tao West Ventures – Wayne Seto, a mid-lifer travelling and exploring the world with a new set of eyes offering travel tips, tricks and hacks.
  3. Globetrek – For the past 14 years Robert has been working for a major airline which allows him to enjoy one of his biggest passions, travels.
  4. Twenty First Century Nomad – Novelist and traveler with almost 20 years of experience on his perpetual global adventure.
  5. Simon’s Jam Jar – An award-winning travel blog, with pictures, stories, videos and adventures from around the globe.
  6. Sam’s Playground – Sam’s photos and musings on backpacking, travel and life.
  7. Itinerant Londoner – For Geoff travelling is a hell of a lot more fun than staying at home.
  8. Beats the Office – Richard got a travelling bug after his 6 month trip around the world.
  9. Kyle The Vagabond – Based in Maui, Hawaii, Kyle is a freelance travel writer who seeks out adventure around the globe.
  10. Shoestring Adventurer – Gerard de la Pena, TV news correspondent and a radio show host, invites you to take the road traveled for less.
  11. Bohemian Traveler – Stephen Bugno for more than a decade has traveled, worked and volunteered his way across the world.
  12. Travel with Pedro – A London-based hotel management professional, with passion for all things travel, foreign languages and culture.
  13. Active Planet Travels – Ronald is a travel blogger, television host & food enthusiast on a mission to backpack every country in the world.
  14. Tripologist – Jim is an avid traveler and wonderer.He proves that even if on a budget, you can still enjoy a fantastic trip.
  15. Tales Told from the Road – Articles by Dick Jordan for independent thinkers & travelers.
  16. Mai Travel Site – A budget minded traveler Federico is visiting world famous destinations and explore those less known.
  17. Headed Abroad – Clay is a traveler and a student who is always looking for new tips and tricks to reduce the cost of his next adventure.
  18. Nomadic Lives – Stories, tips & destination guides focusing on local culture, home-stays & off-beat experiences from twenty-something Indian exploring the world.
  19. The Bohemian Blog – An alternative travel journal by Darmon Richter, dedicated to exploring the bizarre, the macabre and other secret wonders of the world.
  20. Ivan About Town – Filipinos on a quest to join the Travelers’ Century Club.
  21. Nomads Nation – Aaron has created this site to be the ultimate resource for experienced and aspiring travelers.
  22. Londoner Abroad – Ricky Carbis left UK in 2012. He is a young journalist, travel lover and, for most, animal lover – he Skype call with his dogs back home.
  23. Wandering Stray – Nature lover with no plane. Currently roaming through India.
  24. Max Globetrotter – Max’s observations of travel. Unusual places, curious people and the industry itself.
  25. Vagabonding Life – Greg Rodgers escaped his corporate cubicle in 2006 to pursue a happier, lower-paying career as a vagabond and travel writer.
  26. Travel Tall – Travel Tall aims to write, film and photograph his way around the world without the use of airfare. Currently in Africa.
  27. My Travellicious – A Solo Backpacker from Borneo Island. A Marine Engineer who travel around the world without boundary.
  28. Borderless Travels – Canadian guy, Ian, worked, studied, and traveled to 40+ countries around the world.
  29. Net Nomad – Pete called himself digital nomad, travel blogger, coconut drinker, and risk taker. He travels the world while working online.
  30. The Most Alive – Ash Clark, a travel writer and photographer from Australia shares all things backpacking and backpackers travel related.
  31. Inside Other Places – A travel blog giving you insight into a selection of squalid third world dictatorships, tourist dead spots and all the crap stuff no one else tells you.
  32. Travpacker – Intrepid traveler from South Africa that’s been to all 7 continents.
  33. Journey Tom – Tom’s blog about travel, new experiences and journeys.
  34. DigiDrift – Jason enjoys inspiring others through his writing and photography to take the path less traveled.
  35. Rising Roads – Tales, travails, and travelling tips of a worldwide vagabond – by Hugh Hamilton.
  36. SuitQais Diaries – Adrian was born in England and raised in Oman. He backpacks the world and is specialist in everything Japanese.
  37. Travel Dave – Dave and for the past 10 years I have studied, worked and travelled around the globe visiting 70+ countries.
  38. Escaping Abroad – James is an avid traveler that can’t get enough of the world. Jungle explorer, beach bum, scuba diver, wildlife seeker and digital nomad.
  39. Eff It, I’m on Holiday – Romanian travel addict visiting the world one holiday at the time.
  40. Joao Cajuda – A blog by very gifted videographer and traveler from Portugal.
  41. The Modern Nomad – A blog about living life without a fixed address. Through travel, exploring what makes life exciting, meaningful and authentic.
  42. Backpacking Worldwide – Carlo Cretaro from Ireland has been volunteering in East Africa, Interrail around Europe and backpack in SE Asia.
  43. The Traveling Dutchman – Jasper is a full time traveler, part time internet entrepreneur. His mission is to explore the world’s coolest places and do the things he is passionate about.
  44. Open Road Before Me – Nathan’s collection of the travel stories and the things he learned during over 2 years on the road.
  45. Arctic Nomad – For Jarmo, an expat from Finland, traveling is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.
  46. Tony Wheeler – A cofounder of LP, travel and discovery have been at the heart of his life and career.
  47. You’re Not From Around Here – Since leaving corporate life in London in 2006, Steve has been travelling, working, volunteering and living in over 90 countries.
  48. Backpacking Travel Destinations – Tom used to teach English in Honduras, still on the move. He is sharing the experiences he has along.
  49. Free Me – Philip breakaway his workaholic life to spend more time traveling and enjoying the planet.
  50. Gutter Pup Adventures – Entertaining travel, adventure & photography about often overlooked people & places.
  51. Go Travelzing – Jeff has became obsessed with travel after his first trip to Europe.
  52. Vagabond’s Log – Jens is a Berlin-based archaeologist by trade and traveller by passion.
  53. Justin Was Here – Justin Jones is travel writer and a host of the Radical Travel Podcast, an online travel radio.
  54. Adventures with Dan – Dan is world traveller and proffesional photographer from UK.
  55. Nomadical Sabbatical – A nomad’s musings on long term travel.
  56. Chris Travel Blog – Chris is combining leisure & business travel in a very efficient way.
  57. Travel Andy – Practical budget travel advice from the point of view of a person with an Indian passport.
  58. The Candy Trail – Global nomad backpacking across the planet – perpetually, for the pure love of travel and to off-the-track places, since 1988. Michael has been taking great pictures too.
  59. Planet and Go – This blog will teach you why you don’t need a travel agent to travel.
  60. The Orange Mango – Jason Noronha’s collection of travel ideas, experiences, stories, videos and pictures from all over the world.
  61. Curious Nomad – Mig follows his dream to travel the world and make difference through volunteering.
  62. Ramble and Wander – Malaysian wanderer with the interest in photography.
  63. The Travel Camel – Shane Dallas travels to the world’s less appreciated countries and explore what they have to offer.
  64. Ah Trini Travelogue – Rishi is Trinidad & Tobago’s most traveled blogger through 92 countries.
  65. What an Amazing World – Bama is a big enthusiast of art, culture and history tavelling as often as he can.
  66. Phil in the Blank – Phil practice slow travel, collects and makes music and teaches people how to draw camels.
  67. Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures – A world traveler since the age of 4, Aaron’s got a taste for setting his sights on the incredible and unusual.
  68. I Live to Travel – Raul Pino’s travel writing starts from emails to friends and family, to change with time into travel blog.
  69. Imperator Travel – A lot of info and tips about smart travelling, great places to see, pictures and videos from Romanian traveler Cesar.
  70. Tell Them I Said Something – Tyrhone have got stories that’ll make you chuckle, and tales that’ll make you weep.
  71. Nerdy Travels – Self confessed Nerd, blogger and wannabe digital nomad. Going from rock bottom to backpacking the world on a quest to level up his life.
  72. I’m Black and I Travel – Blog created by Greg, Black American traveler who shares his experience from around the world.
  73. Victor’s Travels – Victor’s archive of stories, tips and travel photos. One of his project was to travel from the North Pole to the South Pole.
  74. Travel Experience Live – An adventure travel and lifestyle blog by Belgian backpacker Bram.
  75. Man vs Clock – Anthony left UK with only £1000 and started his new life…check how is he doing now.
  76. Travel Tales – Srinivas is a wandering thinker and an aspiring author. On his blog he shares travel stories from India and beyond.
  77. Exotic Gringo – Kaushal from India backpack the world and blogs about exotic and offbeat places around the globe.
  78. Nomadic Experiences – Marky from Philippines is an avid traveler, photograph and writer. He started his blog in 2007.
  79. This Life in Trips – Shaun is a lover of memorable experiences and overall awesome times.
  80. Expedition Hobo – A blog for people with the love for travel and the beauty of the world and allowing for people to share ideas, photographs and experiences.
  81. Ikimasho! – Justin’s blog is a mix of writings, drawings and photography from around the world.
  82. Leon Logothetis – A global adventurer, motivational speaker & philanthropist. Good Guy and the author of a book The Kindness Diaries.
  83. Adventure Rob – Personal blog documenting places, thoughts, photography and advice on all things travel.
  84. Maiden Voyage Travel – Travel blog for 20somethings by Josh, travel ninja from Canada.
  85. Farflungplaces – Simon is a big fan of history, volcanos and a specialist on remote places, like Turkmenistan.
  86. Troy Story – Troy loves the outdoors, nature and wildlife. He wants to inspire everyone to travel solo at some point, especially those who are too shy to give it a try.
  87. Engineer on the Road – After graduating Josh combined his profession and passion for travels and landed a job as a traveling water engineer around the globe.
  88. Backpacking Addictz – A site about independent & adventure travel.
  89. Roy Marvelous – Adventures of Roy from New Zealand who once won a contest to hitch-hike naked from Pukekohe to Auckland.
  90. Go Power Kick – Mike is now studying and teaching in Thailand, traveling through Southeast Asia.
  91. Peter Moore – Australian travel author Peter Moore has a funny way of looking at the world.
  92. Joe’s Trippin’ – Canadian Joe, has been on the road, literally, since ever and will not stop, moving freely around the world.
  93. Discovering Your Truth – Is about personal growth and the journey we travel, physically and spiritually.
  94. The 5K Challenge – Myles on the quest to travel for one year on a budget of £5,000.
  95. Sparkpunk – Zak is a full-time traveler and designer.
  96. The Black Backpacker – A twenty-something traveller with Nigerian background and raised internationally on three continents. And bitten by the travel bug.
  97. Jonas Journeys – A twenty-something year old guy who is absolutely passionate about traveling.

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