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  1. Wanderlusting – The greatest interests of Wanderlusting lie in languages, history, politics and experiencing cultures in a truly intimate and personal way.
  2. Tao West Ventures – Wayne Seto, a mid-lifer travelling and exploring the world with a new set of eyes offering travel tips, tricks and hacks.
  3. Globetrek – For the past 14 years Robert has been working for a major airline which allows him to enjoy one of his biggest passions, travels.
  4. Twenty First Century Nomad – Novelist and traveler with almost 20 years of experience on his perpetual global adventure.
  5. Simon’s Jam Jar – An award-winning travel blog, with pictures, stories, videos and adventures from around the globe.
  6. Sam’s Playground – Sam’s photos and musings on backpacking, travel and life.
  7. Itinerant Londoner – For Geoff travelling is a hell of a lot more fun than staying at home.
  8. Beats the Office – Richard got a travelling bug after his 6 month trip around the world.
  9. Kyle The Vagabond – Based in Maui, Hawaii, Kyle is a freelance travel writer who seeks out adventure around the globe.
  10. Shoestring Adventurer – Gerard de la Pena, TV news correspondent and a radio show host, invites you to take the road traveled for less.
  11. Bohemian Traveler – Stephen Bugno for more than a decade has traveled, worked and volunteered his way across the world.
  12. Travel with Pedro – A London-based hotel management professional, with passion for all things travel, foreign languages and culture.
  13. Active Planet Travels – Ronald is a travel blogger, television host & food enthusiast on a mission to backpack every country in the world.
  14. Tripologist – Jim is an avid traveler and wonderer.He proves that even if on a budget, you can still enjoy a fantastic trip.
  15. Tales Told from the Road – Articles by Dick Jordan for independent thinkers & travelers.
  16. Mai Travel Site – A budget minded traveler Federico is visiting world famous destinations and explore those less known.
  17. Headed Abroad – Clay is a traveler and a student who is always looking for new tips and tricks to reduce the cost of his next adventure.
  18. Nomadic Lives – Stories, tips & destination guides focusing on local culture, home-stays & off-beat experiences from twenty-something Indian exploring the world.
  19. The Bohemian Blog – An alternative travel journal by Darmon Richter, dedicated to exploring the bizarre, the macabre and other secret wonders of the world.
  20. Ivan About Town – Filipinos on a quest to join the Travelers’ Century Club.
  21. Nomads Nation – Aaron has created this site to be the ultimate resource for experienced and aspiring travelers.
  22. Londoner Abroad – Ricky Carbis left UK in 2012. He is a young journalist, travel lover and, for most, animal lover – he Skype call with his dogs back home.
  23. Wandering Stray – Nature lover with no plane. Currently roaming through India.
  24. Max Globetrotter – Max’s observations of travel. Unusual places, curious people and the industry itself.
  25. Vagabonding Life – Greg Rodgers escaped his corporate cubicle in 2006 to pursue a happier, lower-paying career as a vagabond and travel writer.
  26. Travel Tall – Travel Tall aims to write, film and photograph his way around the world without the use of airfare. Currently in Africa.
  27. My Travellicious – A Solo Backpacker from Borneo Island. A Marine Engineer who travel around the world without boundary.
  28. Borderless Travels – Canadian guy, Ian, worked, studied, and traveled to 40+ countries around the world.
  29. Net Nomad – Pete called himself digital nomad, travel blogger, coconut drinker, and risk taker. He travels the world while working online.
  30. The Most Alive – Ash Clark, a travel writer and photographer from Australia shares all things backpacking and backpackers travel related.
  31. Inside Other Places – A travel blog giving you insight into a selection of squalid third world dictatorships, tourist dead spots and all the crap stuff no one else tells you.
  32. Travpacker – Intrepid traveler from South Africa that’s been to all 7 continents.
  33. Journey Tom – Tom’s blog about travel, new experiences and journeys.
  34. DigiDrift – Jason enjoys inspiring others through his writing and photography to take the path less traveled.
  35. Rising Roads – Tales, travails, and travelling tips of a worldwide vagabond – by Hugh Hamilton.
  36. SuitQais Diaries – Adrian was born in England and raised in Oman. He backpacks the world and is specialist in everything Japanese.
  37. Travel Dave – Dave and for the past 10 years I have studied, worked and travelled around the globe visiting 70+ countries.
  38. Escaping Abroad – James is an avid traveler that can’t get enough of the world. Jungle explorer, beach bum, scuba diver, wildlife seeker and digital nomad.
  39. Eff It, I’m on Holiday – Romanian travel addict visiting the world one holiday at the time.
  40. Joao Cajuda – A blog by very gifted videographer and traveler from Portugal.
  41. The Modern Nomad – A blog about living life without a fixed address. Through travel, exploring what makes life exciting, meaningful and authentic.
  42. Backpacking Worldwide – Carlo Cretaro from Ireland has been volunteering in East Africa, Interrail around Europe and backpack in SE Asia.
  43. The Traveling Dutchman – Jasper is a full time traveler, part time internet entrepreneur. His mission is to explore the world’s coolest places and do the things he is passionate about.
  44. Open Road Before Me – Nathan’s collection of the travel stories and the things he learned during over 2 years on the road.
  45. Arctic Nomad – For Jarmo, an expat from Finland, traveling is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.
  46. Tony Wheeler – A cofounder of LP, travel and discovery have been at the heart of his life and career.
  47. You’re Not From Around Here – Since leaving corporate life in London in 2006, Steve has been travelling, working, volunteering and living in over 90 countries.
  48. Backpacking Travel Destinations – Tom used to teach English in Honduras, still on the move. He is sharing the experiences he has along.
  49. Free Me – Philip breakaway his workaholic life to spend more time traveling and enjoying the planet.
  50. Gutter Pup Adventures – Entertaining travel, adventure & photography about often overlooked people & places.
  51. Go Travelzing – Jeff has became obsessed with travel after his first trip to Europe.
  52. Vagabond’s Log – Jens is a Berlin-based archaeologist by trade and traveller by passion.
  53. Justin Was Here – Justin Jones is travel writer and a host of the Radical Travel Podcast, an online travel radio.
  54. Adventures with Dan – Dan is world traveller and proffesional photographer from UK.
  55. Nomadical Sabbatical – A nomad’s musings on long term travel.
  56. Chris Travel Blog – Chris is combining leisure & business travel in a very efficient way.
  57. Travel Andy – Practical budget travel advice from the point of view of a person with an Indian passport.
  58. The Candy Trail – Global nomad backpacking across the planet – perpetually, for the pure love of travel and to off-the-track places, since 1988. Michael has been taking great pictures too.
  59. Planet and Go – This blog will teach you why you don’t need a travel agent to travel.
  60. The Orange Mango – Jason Noronha’s collection of travel ideas, experiences, stories, videos and pictures from all over the world.
  61. Curious Nomad – Mig follows his dream to travel the world and make difference through volunteering.
  62. Ramble and Wander – Malaysian wanderer with the interest in photography.
  63. The Travel Camel – Shane Dallas travels to the world’s less appreciated countries and explore what they have to offer.
  64. Ah Trini Travelogue – Rishi is Trinidad & Tobago’s most traveled blogger through 92 countries.
  65. What an Amazing World – Bama is a big enthusiast of art, culture and history tavelling as often as he can.
  66. Phil in the Blank – Phil practice slow travel, collects and makes music and teaches people how to draw camels.
  67. Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures – A world traveler since the age of 4, Aaron’s got a taste for setting his sights on the incredible and unusual.
  68. I Live to Travel – Raul Pino’s travel writing starts from emails to friends and family, to change with time into travel blog.
  69. Imperator Travel – A lot of info and tips about smart travelling, great places to see, pictures and videos from Romanian traveler Cesar.
  70. Tell Them I Said Something – Tyrhone have got stories that’ll make you chuckle, and tales that’ll make you weep.
  71. Nerdy Travels – Self confessed Nerd, blogger and wannabe digital nomad. Going from rock bottom to backpacking the world on a quest to level up his life.
  72. I’m Black and I Travel – Blog created by Greg, Black American traveler who shares his experience from around the world.
  73. Victor’s Travels – Victor’s archive of stories, tips and travel photos. One of his project was to travel from the North Pole to the South Pole.
  74. Travel Experience Live – An adventure travel and lifestyle blog by Belgian backpacker Bram.
  75. Man vs Clock – Anthony left UK with only £1000 and started his new life…check how is he doing now.
  76. Travel Tales – Srinivas is a wandering thinker and an aspiring author. On his blog he shares travel stories from India and beyond.
  77. Exotic Gringo – Kaushal from India backpack the world and blogs about exotic and offbeat places around the globe.
  78. Nomadic Experiences – Marky from Philippines is an avid traveler, photograph and writer. He started his blog in 2007.
  79. This Life in Trips – Shaun is a lover of memorable experiences and overall awesome times.
  80. Expedition Hobo – A blog for people with the love for travel and the beauty of the world and allowing for people to share ideas, photographs and experiences.
  81. Ikimasho! – Justin’s blog is a mix of writings, drawings and photography from around the world.
  82. Leon Logothetis – A global adventurer, motivational speaker & philanthropist. Good Guy and the author of a book The Kindness Diaries.
  83. Adventure Rob – Personal blog documenting places, thoughts, photography and advice on all things travel.
  84. Maiden Voyage Travel – Travel blog for 20somethings by Josh, travel ninja from Canada.
  85. Farflungplaces – Simon is a big fan of history, volcanos and a specialist on remote places, like Turkmenistan.
  86. Troy Story – Troy loves the outdoors, nature and wildlife. He wants to inspire everyone to travel solo at some point, especially those who are too shy to give it a try.
  87. Engineer on the Road – After graduating Josh combined his profession and passion for travels and landed a job as a traveling water engineer around the globe.
  88. Backpacking Addictz – A site about independent & adventure travel.
  89. Roy Marvelous – Adventures of Roy from New Zealand who once won a contest to hitch-hike naked from Pukekohe to Auckland.
  90. Go Power Kick – Mike is now studying and teaching in Thailand, traveling through Southeast Asia.
  91. Peter Moore – Australian travel author Peter Moore has a funny way of looking at the world.
  92. Joe’s Trippin’ – Canadian Joe, has been on the road, literally, since ever and will not stop, moving freely around the world.
  93. Discovering Your Truth – Is about personal growth and the journey we travel, physically and spiritually.
  94. The 5K Challenge – Myles on the quest to travel for one year on a budget of £5,000.
  95. Sparkpunk – Zak is a full-time traveler and designer.
  96. The Black Backpacker – A twenty-something traveller with Nigerian background and raised internationally on three continents. And bitten by the travel bug.
  97. Jonas Journeys – A twenty-something year old guy who is absolutely passionate about traveling.

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