Tiger Nest Monastery in Bhutan A Paradise to Behold

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Tiger Nest Monastery in Bhutan A Paradise to Behold

1. Tiger Nest Monastery in Bhutan A Paradise to Behold

Tiger Nest Monastery in Bhutan A Paradise to Behold

Dreaming of Bhutan and one is already on cloud nine. This "Land of the Thunder Dragon" is unquestionably a Himalayan paradise, where religion and mysticism is the way of life. Traversing via the hairpin bends in this charming mountainous terrain is a real thrill as one finds lush green valleys on one side and steep hillsides dotting the majestic pines on the other. Nestled amidst this mystifying environment is the Tiger Nest monastery, the bejeweled crown of Bhutan. This splendid monastery is the landmark of this Himalayan kingdom. One visualizes the sensuous soft-cotton-wool mist that envelopes everything in this environment. Visibility is near zero but still that does not deter one's enthusiasm and one strives hard to get a sneak peek of the Tiger Nest Monastery in Bhutan. The Tiger Nest monastery in Bhutan is counted as one of the fascinating sights in the world. This is the first thing which comes to the cognizance of any mortal while talking about famous monasteries. Why? It is all coz of its splendid visual appeal. Punakha Festival, Thimpu, Dochu La pass, Paro valley are the must see tourist attraction in bhutan. April to May are the best months to visit bhutan. The Tiger Nest Monastery or Paro Thaksang is perched at an altitude 3,120 meters above sea level. An interesting story goes around regarding the name of this monastery. It is said guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava flew onto this cliff riding a tigress and meditated in the Taktsang Senge Samdup cave for time immemorial. Thereafter, he anointed this place to be the sacred of all and hence came up this Tiger Nest Monastery. The bottom from this Paro Valley is 700 meters (2,300 feet) which is a straight steep gorge from Paro Taktsang Monastery. Wonders of wonder it takes more than 2 hours to reach this monastery from the parking lot in the valley below and it is a nonstop uphill hike. There is a cafe located enroute the monastery. One can easily take a break and recharge oneself here with some refreshments before plunging henceforth. Enjoying those refreshments one can have the beholding contour of the Tiger nest monastery parched on the cliff. Human imagination stays bewildered with the thought how this monastery could have been built at such an altitude of 3,120 metres (10,200 feet) above sea level. Above all, the entire monastery complex consists of seven temples. Paro Taktsang is also considered one of the world's niggling getatable tourist destinations all because of the sheer drop of the altitude. It is scary enough to shoo away tourists. Therefore, mules are used to carry visitors and monks to certain distance after which one needs to walk on foot covering rest of the purlieu. Apart from catching a glimpse of this majestic monastery engraved so high on the mountains one can also participate in the ongoing festivals of the Paro valley. It is a thrill climbing the ladders towards heaven layered with Pines, junipers, algae-festooned every inch of the way, spotting the occasional red-robed monks hurrying for the evening prayers and above all the Tiger nest monastery. Truly, this monastery connives with the inner conscience for a trip once again. 


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