The Pyramids of Egypt Unravel the Ancient Enigma of Religion and Ritual

The Pyramids of Egypt Unravel the Ancient Enigma of Religion and Ritual

From time to time authors and scientists have revealed the possibility of mysterious sites around the world. Few sites like that of the pyramids of Egypt, are an open mystery waiting to be decoded. Till date no scientific community can proclaim to have solve the unresolved queries of the Pyramids.

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Here is a list for you - The Pyramids of Egypt Unravel the Ancient Enigma of Religion and Ritual

1. The mysteries

The mysteries

The mysteries that encompass the construction of the pyramids of Egypt have caused flutter amidst the scientific community. The argument seems to be ending and lot many speculation of a probable existence of a very advance and civilized race.The construction of the Sphinx, and the pyramids of Egypt, was a complete impossible task undertaken by the people of that era 4000-10,500 BC. Till date, the architecture of these artifacts is barely within the technological grasp.Egyptian legends have unfolded the past of the pyramids, particularly that of the Great Pyramid otherwise known one of the Wonders of the Ancient World.One such legend is about the pharaoh Khufu about his 'house of eternity. Soon after his coronation to the throne a spot was zeroed in on the west bank of the Nile for the artifact. King Khufu's architects were wise and intelligent folks. They had prepared the diagrammatic presentation of the Pharaoh's final resting place in such a way that its sides faced directly north, south, east and west. The plan showcased a majestic large pyramid ? infact it is the largest one ever built in ancient Egypt. The peripheral dimensions were measured and marked in the desert.Large blocks of stones were cut from nearby quarries engaging workers, basically farmers. The mammoth boulders were transported by the farmers across the desert to the scheduled site of the pyramid. The mammoth boulders were trailed up the ramps to build the next level of the pyramid. It took 20 long years and hundreds of men to build the Pyramid in 2600 B.C . This human marvel is built from over two million blocks of boulders.The Sphinx of Egypt, yet another marvel that adorns the sands of Egypt, is believed to be at least 10,000 years old. Explorers have searched the mysterious and strange network of chambers lying underneath the Sphinx and the pyramids of the Giza, to find out the legendary hall of records said to contain revelations of even older civilizations. Information about this vault of knowledge originates with one of the most ancient Egyptian legends of Isis and Osiris. The pyramids themselves have pronounced an innumerable theories about the astronomical knowledge of early Egyptians. It is validated that certain pyramids are aligned with constellations of stars and even Isaac Newton ( the great physicist) studied the dimensions of the pyramids and related them to calculations of the size of the Earth.Bizarre but it's true ...recent NASA photographs of Mars have reported a pyramid- like structure on it's surface which astronomers believe not to be natural...believe it .....

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