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Schengen Visa For Indians

Schengen Visa For Indians


A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa that enables an individual to make a trip to any place from the Schengen Area; you can stay up to 90 days for the travel or business purposes.

It is the most well-known visa for Europe. It empowers its holder to enter, unreservedly travel inside, and leave the Schengen zone from any of the Schengen part nations. There are no outskirt controls inside the Schengen Zone.

In the event that you are wanting to study, work, or live in one of the Schengen nations for over 90 days, at that point you should apply for a national visa of that European nation and not a Schengen Visa. 

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1. How To Apply For Schengen Visa From India

How To Apply For Schengen Visa From India


1. Figure out which Schengen visa type you need depending on the purpose under which you need to enter the Schengen Area.

2. Airport Transit, Transit, Tourism, Visiting Family& Friends, Business, Official visit, Medical Reason, Study Purpose, Cultural, Sports and Film Crews.

3. Find out where you have to apply for the visa in India and Focus on the embassy /department or the VAC of which nation you have to apply at, just as under the purview of which you fall.

4. Choose when to apply for Schengen a visa from India. The most punctual time you can file your visa application in India is 3 months before your arranged trip or 15 days before you mean to make a trip.

5. Make arrangements for the required visa documents for the Indian citizens and fix a meeting at visa application centre in India. Depending upon the country, you may make a course of action on the web, through tele phone, or one person.

6. Go for the meeting on the day of your appointment. Appear on time and don't be nervous. Keep in mind that the meeting is a significant part of your visa application process.

7. Pay the visa charge. All Schengen states have settled and synchronized visa charges. For more information check Schengen visa expenses for Indian natives.

8. Wait for the processing of your visa. After the meeting, you should wait for 15 days, for a response on your application.

2. Schengen Visa Application Form

Schengen Visa Application Form


1. Download the application form.

2. Fill it completely with truthfulness. You can likewise fill the Visa application from online and after that get it printed.

3. Two recent passport size photos in a plain background. 70-80% of the photo must demonstrate the full-frontal picture of the candidate's head. Photographs must not contain red-eyes, reflections, and shadows.

4. Indian Passport with a validity of at least 3 months and with not less than 2 clear pages and duplicates of old visas

5. Travel insurance with a minimum coverage of at least €30,000

6. Cover letter expressing the purpose behind visit, the goal of remain and length of movement

7. Flight itinerary with the details about date of travel, accommodation details, travel and tourist spots.

8. Accommodation proof for the intended stay

9. Proof for the financial sufficiency

10. Proof for civil status Marriage certificate, Birth certificate, voter’s id

3. Which Are The Countries That Signed In The Schengen Agreement

Which Are The Countries That Signed In The Schengen Agreement

Major FAQs  regarding Schengen Visa:

26 countries have signed the agreement and the list is as follows:

- Austria
- France
- The Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Estonia

- Belgium
- Germany
- Finland
- Iceland
- Latvia
- Liechtenstein

- Lithuania
- Luxembourg
- Greece
- Italy
- Hungary
- Norway

- Poland
- Malta
- Portugal
- Netherlands

- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Sweden
- Switzerland.
- Spain

4. Where Would I Be Able To Get The Schengen Visa Application Form For Visa

Where Would I Be Able To Get The Schengen Visa Application Form For Visa


The application form can be downloaded from this page.
The application form has a similar organisation regardless of which nation's visa it is that the candidate needs to apply for.

6. Would I Be Able To Get A Visa If I Am A Minor

Would I Be Able To Get A Visa If I Am A Minor


The two guardians/parents need to sign the application form. If they are separated /divorced, still both of the guardians need to sign. In case just a single parent has the custody of the child, that parent will sign the application.

9. Which Country Should Issue My Visa

Which Country Should Issue My Visa


Your Schengen visa should to be issued by the country which you stay the longest. In the event that you intend to spend same time in each Schengen state you visit, at that point your visa ought to be issued by the Schengen country you intend to enter first.

10. Would I Be Able To Enter The Schengen Area In An Alternate Schengen Country Than The One That Issued My Visa

Would I Be Able To Enter The Schengen Area In An Alternate Schengen Country Than The One That Issued My Visa


There is no broad prerequisite that you should enter the Schengen Area through the nation that issued your visa. Your fundamental goal might be not the same as your first goal. To avoid difficulties, adhere to your schedule decently well.

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