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Running on a tight budget here is the 5 picks for a pocket

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When we think about budget-friendly vacation then Kasol is the ultimate destination which has great options to save money. The hotels which are present here are quite cheap and thanks to government buses which go there. The fare for these buses is not too high so it can easily fit your budget. Even the food served here is not that expensive. So overall it is a great place to visit in little money.

For the people who want to relax and devote time to spiritual activities then Pondicherry is the option. This place is beautiful to see and moreover, the Aurobindo Ashram here offers a free stay to the public. Even the provide vegetarian food for free. The teachings of Mother Mira Alfoga and yoga activity is there for the visitors. However, those who are fond of liquor can go for it too as it is quite low prices in this city.

Goa - Goa 4 ★

This most happening place of India is quite a budget-friendly place as it has a number of options for people to enjoy. You can stay in shacks near the beaches which provides you with the best view and are not at all costly. Even the food and liquor is not expensive in Goa.

For the people who like trying those small Dhabas then Goa is the best pick as there are a number of places like that which almost serve food for a very negligible amount.

mcleodganj_1520821832s40.jpg Photo by: Trans India Travels

For the people who are fond of the hill station, Macleodganj can be your pick as its quite a pocket-friendly place. The hotels here are not too expensive and the amazing Tibetan food is quite cheap. The Thukkpa and momos are best here which just cost Rs 100 or so. They are quite filling as well. So this place is an enjoyable destination for people who have an extremely low budget.

So for the religious people, Amritsar is certainly your destination. The beautiful Golden Temple offers Langar service which is just malicious. Even the stay here is quite cheap. You can stay in the Gurudwara property that is the guest houses made by them. For boys, they charge a little and if it’s a total girl’s trip then the stay is free. Even Amritsar has amazing food joints at Lawrence Road which are quite nominally prices and serve great quantity and quality food. So for the people who want to get in touch with Punjabi culture then don't give a second thought and go for Amritsar.

Thus these are certainly the best five options for the people who want to have a vacation but budget comes there way.

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