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On A Life Changing Trip Down The Lanes Of India

A paradigm shift has marked the concept of a vacation in India. Now, focus has been tilted towards the more educating and illuminating aspects of an Indian vacation.

Tourists hovering along the streets, market corners and historical monuments in India has found new dimensions to their vacation in this mystic land. Passe are the days when the SLR toting and curiously amused travellers staggered their way through a conventional travel plan in India while they fly back home. Things have taken their course and now attention is shifted to a very interesting and typical Indian experience! Now, you might find a traveller from Russia roaming around in the scenic landscape of Arunachal exploring the tribes and their ways; some others in the tea estates of Assam; another lot in the villages of Royal Rajasthan getting completely soaked in a flavour that no amount of travel book or guides can carry.

This takes the travellers to the closest possible quarter from where they can observe different facets of India while being a part of those nuances themselves. And considering the vastness and diversity of a nation of India's caliber, this is the right thing to do if someone really wants to carry a bit of India. So, its time, when you, as a traveller would not count dates and days in India; but would measure your days in terms of a romantic Tuesday evening in the lap of the Taj Mahal, a cultural Friday night in a Kerala hamlet, a foodie Monday in Chandni Chowk or a freaking Saturday night out in a beach side pub of Goa.Don't regret if your friends tell you what they saw in India that you missed, as you know, what you saw in this land is something that they could never imagine. You gave a skip to an old travel itinerary, they a life changing experience!

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