Manikaran Sahib; a place with miraculous sulphur water

Manikaran Sahib; a place with miraculous sulphur water

Manikaran Sahib is known for the famous Gurudwara  Manikara Sahib.  Many famous Hindu temples are also situated here. It is a sacred place for both Sikh’s and Hindu’s.  This place is located in the uphills of Himachal when we go towards Kullu and Manali.  This place is famous for the sulphur water which is found here.

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Here is a list for you - Manikaran Sahib; a place with miraculous sulphur water

1. Manikaran Sahib

It is believed that Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited this place with his Sikhs. His Sikhs were feeling hungry and there was no food. Guru Nanak sent his friend  Bhai Mardana to collect food for langar. A number of people donated rice and flour to make parsadas bread. The one problem which occurred there was that there was no fire to cook the food.

2. Manikaran Sahib

Guru Nanak than lifted a rock and a hot spring appeared. The Sikhs were able to cook rice and beans. Bhai Mardana was having trouble while making parasadas because they kept sinking. Bhai Mardana said, "I am going to donate my life in the name of God". The parsada amazingly floated. Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that anyone who donates his life in the name of God, All his or her drowned items will float. This was a miracle.From that point of time, this place is famous for its hot boiling sulphur springs, which are valued by lakhs who visit here for a dip in the curing waters. It is believed that the hot springs can cure skin problems or even ease the swelling caused by gout. A huge Gurdwara has been erected in the memory of Guru Nanak who is believed to have visited this place. A number of Sikh and Hindu pilgrims visit the Gurdwara every year. The Ram Temple is also present near the Gurdwara.

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3. Manikaran Sahib

The langar is cooked here in the sulphur water. Tourists can practice this by purchasing chawal potli from the market near to it. The gurdwara management cooks tea and food by putting huge vessels in the water. There is a water pool called as Saro in the gurdwara where one can enjoy a hot bath. The local residents use hot water in narrow bazaar through pipes.

4. Manikaran Sahib

Over here, Tibetans control the market as from there you can buy religious idols, offerings, books, Prasad, and Tibetan products. The remarkable combination of cold water and boiling springs in Parvati river has confused many a scientist and the devout alike. Nature has used an array of colors, textures, and materials to form charming mountains with many remedial herbs. Transparent stone crystals, which resemble topaz, can be also be found here Water flowing through the curvatures of hill land shapes has given rise to driftwood in ious shapes and forms. Due to the prevailing weather conditions, local vegetables and pulses like rajmah and urad are of unusual quality and taste different from the ones which are available in plain areas.

Thus, Manikaran Sahib is a great place to visit to finish all your sorrows as well as medical problems.

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