Loosen Yourself Up at the Amsterdam Roots Festival

Loosen Yourself Up at the Amsterdam Roots Festival

Music can be such a leveller that it can transcend boundaries with ease and people can enjoy it without even knowing a language. This essence of the art form is probably the inspiring factor behind the Amsterdam Roots Festival. Each summer, the Amsterdam Roots festival comes back for three days to regale audiences who throng to the venue in large numbers. Performers from across the world line up with their performances that is enjoyed by all and sundry.    It is primarily an annual music festival but non-music lovers can also find the atmosphere as inviting due to the positive vibes that are present at the place. For years together, the Amsterdam Roots open-air festival has drawn in huge crowds from across the globe and still it continues to ooze its charm. There is something to this festival that makes it all inviting for performers and guests so that we try to delve into its offerings so that the festival can be properly decoded. 

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Here is a list for you - Loosen Yourself Up at the Amsterdam Roots Festival

1. The festival is held for three days

The Amsterdam Roots festival is held during the first week of July in Oosterpark. It is a celebration of global music and the ways in which it unites people in different corners of the world. The festival typically concludes with the Roots Open Air outdoor party that is a prominent feature of the gathering. Musicians from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas converge at the venue to play their genres so that audiences can get a rich taste of diverse cultures. Myriad artistes bring countless forms of contemporary and classical styles on the stage that can be a treat to watch at the festival grounds.    

2. • It is a platform for budding musicians

The Roots Music festival Amsterdam is a superb platform for all types of musicians so that without any inhibition, performances are staged for interested audience. It not only attracts established artists from all hues rather it is an innovative initiative for budding talents as well. New performers can easily showcase their skills so that they can catch the attention within their niche spectators. In this way, the festival offers a level playing ground for everyone and there is something for every participant to take home.  

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3. • The performances happen in different areas

The Amsterdam Roots festival line up is often quite discreetly planned out so that participants and audiences can get the best of both worlds. Under the banner of ‘Roots Indoor’, performances at the festival usually take place at the Melkweg, Bimhius and the Paradiso so that audiences can be treated to some lovely music during the occasion. Every artist has a set schedule that is generally known in advance so that there can be ample clarity of planning a visit. The best part is that even with so many bands and artists at a single place, audiences will not feel cramped or jammed out due to successive events.    

4. • The Roots Open Air is the eye-catcher

The World Roots festival Amsterdam is usually a week festival that culminates with the Roots Open Air. It is the performance that is awaited with gaped breath by all visitors because it promises to be a marquee event throughout the years. The Roots Open Air has definitely carved a niche for itself with the kind of music that it delivers. Hence, a large crowd can always be expected on a concluding day apart from many other performances.  

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5. • An interchange of cultures

Music has always helped in bridging the cultural divide in a fascinating way and the Amsterdam Roots festival program is no different. It brings with it a plethora of talent from across the world so that there is a cross-fertilization of language, ideas, and cultures. Performers from different backgrounds and cultures can gel with each other and learn a thing or two. It can be a very effective way of learning the perspective of the other side and that can always have a soothing effect in the long term. 

6. • There is something for everyone over here

The Amsterdam Roots festival promises to be a happening event so that everyone can look forward to gaining something or the other. People who are not fully into music can also stay enjoyed at Oosterpark as apart from performances, there also many other activities. Dance workshops, clothing stalls, and children’s entertainment areas are some of its other offerings. The festival site is also dotted with multiple stalls selling delicious food and different types of drinks so that one will not have to stay hungry for attending the event.

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7. • It has a rich legacy

The festival has been happening for the last 35 years so that there is a crowd that has built up for it over the years. Initially, the concept of ‘world music’ was not very rampant but the festival helped in bringing it to the fore and that is why Amsterdam Roots festival tickets are so highly desired in many quarters. It can be one of the best ways to showcase one’s talent as the stage offered by it to beginners can have a huge impact on the career.


The festival has certainly come a long way since it was launched in 1983 as the Africa Roots Festival. It has gradually amalgamated the different forms of music to offer a product that can be worth listening for any music aficionado. That is the reason people throng to Amsterdam for the festival and this year is going to be no different.   

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