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India to Canada Visa Application process

India to Canada Visa Application process

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3. Submitting of documents

When you submit your documents to the Embassy get your passport, photographs, and all required documents. Most importantly get the suitable mode of payment which is accepted in the Embassy. The documents which are to be submitted should be attested by a notary public.

5. Request for passport

After this whole process, a notification will be sent asking you to submit your passport. You will have to give the passport along with a passport request letter.  Make sure your passport has empty pages for stamp and passport is in a good condition.

Passport can be sent through an authorized person at the CVA or one can go direct and hand it over to them. With the passport, a passport request letter, courier fee or passport transmission fee has to be submitted along. Even VAC consent form and personal details like email id, the phone number is to be mentioned along.

7. Details regarding Visa for children

For children, one need to attaché letter of sponsorship by parents and their respective passport details. Children are dependent on parents so a letter by parents is a must to get the visa.

This is the entire process to get through Canada Visa. To ensure that you get a Canada Visa at the first attempt, make sure you have all the required documents handily available. Once you get the visa, enjoy your trip in the Maple Leaf country.

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