Guide To Northern Lights, Once In a Lifetime Experience

Guide To Northern Lights, Once In a Lifetime Experience

The thrill to experience the Northern lights aurora borealis is a once in a lifetime experience for many, the phenomenon of Northern lights dancing is so unique and charming that fascinates many a traveler spending their nights just to have a sight of Northern lights.  The high cost and the challenging conditions involved in having this experience, while you cannot be certain of success, therefore planning well in advance will surely increase your chances to witness the breathtaking natural light show in the sky!   

Here is a list for you - Guide To Northern Lights, Once In a Lifetime Experience

1. Where to witness this natural beauty of Aurora Borealis

Finland is considered to be the best place to witness the Northern Lights due to its geography and culture,  its situated right in the middle of the Aurora Zone, where latitudes are between 66 and 69 degrees north where conditions for Aurora formation are prime.

Also due to the availability of a lot many open spaces and National parks in Finland, where you get to have a perfect view in complete darkness, without any obstruction.

And the best part is you don’t have to fight for the views, as Finland is less crowded as compared to the other Northern lights destinations such as Iceland, thus this less discovered destination will give you the best steer clear views. 

Well, Northern Finland is not just about the Northern lights it has lot many other things to explore, one can go for a  husky sleigh ride, visit churches and museums, can take the tour to the national parks, hit the slopes, and so much more.

2. Best time to witness Northern Lights

Best time to witness Northern Lights

Winter is the best time to discover the Northern lights, as nights are long and dark, except on the snowfall days and from dusk to dawn time you can have a sight of this natural phenomenon. 

It is always advisable to be patient and be outdoors, keeping yourself warm, like late February through March is the most beautiful time to view the Aurora. Snow has already fallen during this time and skies stays clear, thus vast snowscapes will reflect the Aurora and snow will radiate bright green light in the sky creating the magical hues of colors in the sky.

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3. Basic things to keep in mind for chasing the Northern Lights

Basic things to keep in mind for chasing the Northern Lights

Location: Going to the North is the best way to sight Northern lights, whereas if you are in South then there will be about 10-20 nights only when you can experience the lights. 

Time to travel: September to March is the best winter time to explore the beauty, so keep in mind to plan your trip in these months only.

Weather check: Planning according to the weather is really important, if you can see the stars and the sky is clear, then there are more chances to see the lights. So keep checking weather reports before a moth you plan your trip. 

What to do: Staying outdoors is the best option to not miss out on the lights as they appear and vanish suddenly. So from sunset to dawn, stay alert for the best views. Look for open spaces or national park to have an obstruction free views.

Keep yourself warm: Clear sky nights are comparatively much colder so keeping yourself warm is important, one can also book for cottages with open roof or big windows to experience the lights by keeping yourself warm.

Sign up for Aurora Alerts: By signing up here you will get notification and alerts from the Meteorological Institute, regarding the likely formation of the Auroras over Finland.

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