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Get Guided By The Most Amazing Light Houses Of The World

The light houses not only assist the ships in the turbulent seas or in an unruly tide, it emits the beam of glory and spell of enigma for times to come. These path finders of the seas are the friends of the sailors and at the same time a travel hub for the globetrotters.

Torre De Hercules

light house located in Spain is one of those with an imposing height of 185 ft and some credits to be envy of- the lone Roman light house still in action and even bigger- the oldest one on earth. Making way to the league of the most fascinating light houses is

Kiz Kulesi

of Turkey. The very setting of this breath taking structure with a history of over 2500 years is no less than any adventure episode as it stands in an island that happened to be a burial ground. A marvel at the coast of Istanbul. When a light house guides the ships to safety in the Diamond Shoals, considered one of the most deadly part of the Atlantic ocean, you can not not over look it. Visible form a distance of 50 miles, the

Cape Hatteras Lights

stands on the coast of North Carolina and does justice to its status of being the tallest lighthouse in America. Reasonably new as compared to the formers, the

Yokohama Marine Tower

of Japan is no less significant for being recognized as the tallest light house of the world. Its 348 ft lattice tower frame stands alibi to the amount creativity and imagination of the designers and engineers. Your vacation will see new horizons once you include these amazing light houses in your tour plan. So, ring up the holiday planning guy!

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