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Foods of Kedarnath- 10 dishes of Garhwali and Kumaoni cuisines that you must try when you visit Kedarnath.

Kedarnath is a hindu religious place located in the Himalayan region of Uttrakhand. Due to extreme weather conditions the temple of Kedarnath is remain open only for six months from May to October every year for the general public. This is also one of the reasons that it has only limited eating options and that too are very basic stall and dhabas like places where you can get some local cuisine along with Indian food and Chinese fast food. Being a Hindu religious place any kind of Alcohol and non-vegetarian food are strictly prohibited in Kedarnath. Though, it is in Uttrakhand, places that are available here for food, also serve local Garhwali and Kumaoni cuisines with authentic taste and preparation.

The food of Kumaoni cuisines served here in Uttrakahand is bursting with authentic flavors and each cuisine stays true to its taste without the spices overpowering the original taste. Whereas the Garhwali dishes are rich in nutrient factor and hold a high value of health benefits due to the presence of various herbs, lentils, cereals and pulses. Here is the list of dishes that you must try when you visit Kedarnath.

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Kedarnath- 10 dishes of Garhwali and Kumaoni cuisines that you must try when you visit Kedarnath.

1. Thenchwani

It is an authentic Garhwali cuisine whose main ingredient is mountain radish root and mountain potato. Now both these ingredients crushed together along with some ginger, and aromatic herbs and delectable spices. A curry of all these ingredients is made to get a rich and scrumptious dish which can be eaten along with rice and bread.

2. Chaunsu

This is a protein rich dish prepared by using black lentils. The lentils is first roasted and then grinded to the consistency of a powder. Now this powder is cooked to make a curry after adding spices and herbs together. Once prepared enjoy this Garhwali cuisine with chapatti and rice for satiating your taste buds.

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3. Phaana

A special Garhwali preparation which is prepared by using lentils like Gahat and Kulath. It is kind a kind of pulses which is first left to soak for 8 hours and then later it is grinded and make a thick batter. This batter then used as gravy and also for making small pancakes and cook them together. After preparation it is served with chutney and rice.

4. Kaafuli

This is another Garhwali version of Saag dish of north India. It is prepared with the ingredients such as fresh spinach, onion, ginger, garlic and other aromatic spices which are later on thickened with the help of delicious rice paste, made by grinding the rice to make powder and th

This dish is another healthier version of the then by adding some water in it. The dish is served with a colourful presentation along with other Garhwali cuisines.

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5. Kode ki Roti

This is a special Garhwali Roti prepared with the help of a local grain which grows in large quantity on the hills and which also holds various health benefits which is known as Koda or Ragi. This roti is mixed with Daal and then eaten with joy and it is also an incredibly rich in iron and fibre.

6. Aloo Ke Gutke Kumaoni

This is a famos Kumaoni dish with an extremely easy method of preparation, yet considered to be culinary gem of the region. The bustling dish consists of fried potatoes and seasoned with red chili flakes, coriander leaves and other spices. This is going to be the ideal comfort food to indulge in while on the hills and is widely available as street food in Uttrakahand.

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7. Bhatt ki Churkani

This is one of the commonest and most loved dishes for the Kumauni communities of Uttrakahand. Moreover it is mine favourite too. The dish is very rich source of protein and fibre altogether. It is prepared with locally grown black soya bean, blended with rice to make a thick paste. Then local herbs and spices then added to it for giving its original look and taste for which it is favourite among all the locals and tourists. It is one of the healthiest delicacy of the Kumaon region.

8. Dubuk

It is a kind of Dal gravy, prepared with the help of either Arhar, Gahat or other lentil of one’s choice. It is one of the most traditional dishes of the Kumaoni people which they usually make on events and some special occasions. The stock of pulses then grinded to turned into a really fine paste by including some rice flour. And finally cooked after adding up some aromatic spices over slow fire.

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9. Bhang ki Chutney

It is a very unique dish of Pahari region of Uttrakahand and Kedarnath. As the name suggests that the main ingredient of this dish is Bhang seeds. These seeds are firstly roasted well and then garlic hoots, pomegranate seeds, tamarind, slat and cumin are added later to make a paste after grinding all the things together. Finally prepared paste is treated as chutney along with lunch and breakfast.


10. Kumauni Raita

This is very tasty and refreshing food item among the most common delicacies of Uttarakhand. The dish is prepared with fresh cucumber, coriander, local herbs, and yoghurt. All the vegetables cut into pieces and then mix with yoghurt for making a semi-viscous product. Then salt is added as per the taste and served with breakfast, lunch, and diner as well. The tast of this Raita will refresh you and satiate your taste buds for sure. You will not get this dish anywhere else except in Uttrakhand.

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