Experience The Gedi Route Of City Beautiful Chandigarh

Experience The Gedi Route Of City Beautiful Chandigarh

Chandigarh which is regarded as one of the best cities to live in India is famous for much other reasons too. From the number of cafes to the natural beauty or the amazing gedi route, Chandigarh is a combined package of all. For the people who want to live with the best facilities and the cleanest environment than this land actually awaits you. Chandigarh Gedi route is quite famous and it begins from Sector 8 and ends at Sector 11. All these sectors are amazing to drive your two wheelers or four wheelers and you can experience the best crowd.

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Here is a list for you - Experience The Gedi Route Of City Beautiful Chandigarh

1. History & Now

This route is famous since 1970. You can spot many youngsters on this route. DAV College, Government College for Girls and Science College for Girls are present on this route. Even Panjab University is close to the route.

During the time of Valentines this route become a fully covered zone by Police and strictness is maintained so that no women becomes a victim of Eve Teasing. This route is also loved by youngsters to click pictures.

2. Special Attraction at Gedi route

Luxury Cars: Earlier the number of cars on this quite was quite less, but now, you can spot a great number of BMW’s, Mercs Mercedes, Audis, Jags Jaguars, Range Rovers and many other sports cars and other luxury cars.

Royal Enfield: The craze for Bullet’ is quite there in the heart of Punjabis and the famous ‘Bullet te Gehri‘ which means to roam around on bullet is a common thing to observe on Gedi route.

Foodies: Uncle Jacks, Wheat Dim-sums, BurGrill, Super Donuts, London Box, Softy Corner, ‘Fire N Grill, etc. are the happening and budget-friendly food hubs which are situated on Gedi route. While roaming you can enjoy the food and have a great time.

Street Fashion Show: Yes it is no less than a fashion show as flawlessly dressed girls with stylish hair-dos, putting on high heels or slip-on, adds charm to these streets. Well-dressed guys in Ray-bans and other luxury fashion accessories attract the crowd to this place.

Celebrate festivals- From holi where all the cars are full of colours and eggs to the valentines where you can spot guys hunting for girls or the New Year’s eve where music is at high volume and people are enjoying, this all you can experience on this amazing gedi route. 


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3. History & Now

Not many people are familiar with ‘Geri Route’ as it is admired network of streets and popular among the youngsters of the city. This place is mainly known for the ample of greenery.

This route even has been a part of a number of Pollywood movies and songs. As being a clean and beautiful road, it has been used for shooting purpose.

Thus to conclude the people who visit Chandigarh, must visit this fun-filled gedi route. It snots just for youngsters but even the oldies will feel happy spotting the activities which are taking place there.


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