Best open air bars in the world

Best open air bars in the world

Drinking is not only something which gives you that kick to wander in a ecstatic world albeit this is also something which gives you the feel of breaking away from all the shackles of bondages. Today we are to disclose you some open air bars in the world which would really thrill the drink enthusiasts to the highest level. Robert Luis Stevenson,  said, Wine is bottled poetry. And poetry can be enjoyed only when if you are free and your soul is scaling the depth of your mind... Unleashing the soul is upto the wish of the individual, no real doubt and fight on that; but the pleasure of a willingly intoxicated evening under a star studded sky with great views all round is hard to resist. Bringing to you today the best rooftop bars in the world. Hold your drinks guys...

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Here is a list for you - Best open air bars in the world

2. Sirocco

This one is a real treat! Situated on the top of the dome at State Tower in Bangkok with 64 floors beneath it, Sirocco is a much sought after bar in town. Once at the top, it offers a 360 degree view of the city. As night descends, you can enjoy an evening with a street light illuminated city around you while flirting with a cocktail. Not only that, if you plan to have dinner after the boozing, you don't need to go out anywhere as Sirocco serves food as well.

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3. The Penthouse

Spanish night out will take a U turn post your visit to this bar! Seated on the roof of Hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria, in Plaza Santa Ana, The Penthouse is the place where you get a gathering that flaunts their fashion quotient and drinks that leaves you begging for more. While you will be lost at the scenic view of the central Madrid, you might bump into some well known Spanish celebrities as they also hang out there!

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6. Gravity

The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is the home to this bar. Though not exactly open air, it presents an unhampered and matchless view of the city. The bar is endowed with flashy and plush styling with luxurious seating arrangements.

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7. Top Floor Bar

Top Floor Bar

Gherkin, the recent architectural marvel in London is the place where you get this open air hide out. Often known as the perfect place to throw some private parties, Top Floor Bar is styled with stunning interiors and exquisite drinks.

8. Moon

The 53rd floor of the Palms Hotels in Vegas is the haven for night mongers who freak out in the Moon Bar. If it is Vegas, the music has to be kick ass! Thats exactly what Moon has. Saturday night partying is mind blowing here in every sense of the term.

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Struck by Wanderlust? Get best quotes on your favourite destinations

11. Condesa DF Rooftop Bar

There is an aura of sophistication in this bar on the top of the posh Condesa DF hotel in Mexico City. The food and drinks here are just tailor made for your Mexico vacation. The cuisines and cocktails often speak about the preference and mannerisms of a particular country. The German beer will give you a different feel from what you experienced with a French wine. And the wine connoisseurs know, the ambiance plays a great role in shaping your mood when you grab your drink to relish it. So, let the wings grow and gear up to fly...well, almost literally!

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