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Best Cities to live after Retirement in India

Most Indian prefers to stay in their home land after retirement. But settling elsewhere can give you better life after retirement. Here is a list of Best 5 cities to live after Retirement in India.
Pune with population over 4 million, is among the largest cities in the state of Maharashtra. Many software and IT companies, cosmopolitan culture and nearness to Mumbai have made it a destination for career hunters as well as their retired parents. The city is already recognized as one of the best retirement destination.
This IT hub of India is the most lucrative destination of job seekers. At the same time pleasant climate, busy but peaceful city is also preferred for settling after retirement. Those who work in Bangalore for most of their lives, prefer to settle their permanently.
Coimbatore, a beautiful city of Tamil Nadu, has become one of the prime attractions for spending retired life in India during last few years. This place lies in beautiful mountain range of Nilgiris. Nearness from Ooty, the famous hill station is also a reason for its popularity as retirement destination.
Goa for its cosmopolitan culture, exciting beach life and nice climate, is highly sought after retirement destination for both Indians and Foreigners. The exotic landscape, climate, several beaches and rich heritage are some of the reasons that attract many people to settle here, if their budget permits.

Chandigarh, capital of both Punjab and Haryana, has always been different from most of urban India. With pedestrian plazas, fountains and streets arranged on a grid, the city always felt modern. Chandigarh today is a booming town with the country's highest per capita income, and is favored by Indian yuppies and medical tourists alike.

Dehradun has the many top class educational institution along with its natural beauty. It is located in between two sacred rivers, Ganges and Yamuna. The climate is very pleasant and quite healthy. Thus this city lying on the base of the Himalaya is a popular destination of aged people after retirement.

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