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Ancient Egyptian Tomb Unearthed In Giza

The recently unearthed tomb of an ancient priest of Egypt has given birth to speculations of locating a necropolis near the pyramids of Giza.

It seems that there are more to the pyramids of Egypt that are still to be explored or quite literally, unearthed. Something or the other keeps looming large under the veil of a lost world when the mysteries of the previous appearance is yet to be solved! Well, that is perhaps the most intriguing and engaging feature of the land of pharaohs which has turned out to be an eternal subject of awe and curiosity.Joining the league of the latest to be unearthed in the pyramids is the old tomb of a pharaonic priest near Giza. Archaeologists believe that the tomb could be as old as more than 4,000-year-old and promises the possibility of discovering a larger necropolis around that particular area. In this regard, Zahi Hawass, general secretary of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities observes, ?This tomb could be the first of many in the area. Hopefully we have located a new necropolis dedicated to certain members of the royal court?. Incidentally, the tomb under title is dedicated to a royal priest by the name of Rudj-Ka who was believed to be offering services to the Fifth Dynasty (2465 - 2323 B.C.). He was one of the many priests who conducted rituals and prayers in honour of the dead pharaoh. At the same time, he was an important member of the ancient Egyptian court and enjoyed a royal endowment to serve as a purification priest.The tomb attracts attention of the experts for its unique construction with limestone blocks, which create a maze-like pathway to the main entrance. The wall paintings of the tomb that depicts the priest and his wife in front of an offering table loaded with gifts of bread, goose and cattle adds the finer touch. At the same time, one that portrays Rudj-ka fishing and sailing with an insertion of depiction of boating on the Nile presents a very familiar part of the contemporary society.

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