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Holidaying Around The Remains Of The Ancient Bakery In Egyptian Desert

Deserts are very often poetically described as ruthless natural phenomena with its own beauty and mystery. Even today, they seem to be invincible due to their extreme conditions albeit the technological developments. But, the primitive humans seem to be beyond the understanding of science and reason. They apparently forayed into the deserts and sourced out life from there. This fact has been proven right to every word by a recent finding in the

El-Kharga Oasis

In the southernmost Egypt. A team of researchers comprising of several Egyptian and US archaeologists from Yale University dug out a bakery town in this region that is believed to date back to 1650-1550 B.C. Going by the count of years, it is an incredible 3,500 years! The team discovered this site during their excavation work under the Theban Desert Road Survey. The establishment that has been unearthed spreads for a kilometer long from north to south and has a width of 250 meters. That is beyond doubt bigger than many bakeries in the worlds in present times. Quite amusing is the fact that the experts have found large mud brick structures that resemble the administrative buildings sites found in the Nile Valley research. This finding has led John Coleman Darnell, who headed the Yale University team, believe that this site might be a sort of administrative block along the buzzing caravan lanes which reached the Nile Valley civilization. Going by the massive size of the bakery, the archaeologists have hold that it might have produced a huge amount of bread and the is every possibility that it served some army. The researchers have also located two ovens and a potter's wheel that was used to frame the ceramic bread moulds. If you are also keen to witness the exploits of human will in the desert bosom in distant past, there is no better place than Egypt.

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