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Airlines Shifting Their Operations To T2 At Mumbai Airport

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Jet Airways Shifted Its Domestic Operation to T2

Jet Airways has shifted its domestic operation to T2 from March 15, 2016. As per reports from officials of Jet Airways, the efforts are taken to shift the operation of IndiGo Airlines also from the same terminal, which provides low cost carrier service. The decision may be implemented in a month or two. Currently Air India and Vistara are carrying their domestic operations from T2 and is experiencing tremendous passenger growth for their airlines. Thus, T2 is emerging as the leading aviation hub and due to this; it has experienced the large number of passengers in the current year.

Official and experts said that the integration of this terminal would emerge with several benefits as it is provided at the Japan's Narita airport to both domestic and international passengers. Before the opening of T2, every domestic flight was operating from Vile Parle and international ones from Sahar. Thus, this terminal will provide an easy access to all the passengers and will concentrate them at a single place despite of their flights. Further, the area that is released due to the reallocation of terminal, the development of SkyCity gets an opportunity to provide real estate development near airport.

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