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5 Great Translation Apps for Traveling in a Foreign Country

Travelling to a foreign country, gets travellers concerned about not understanding the local language of the country, and with good reason. While many people speak at least some English, there will always be times when being able to translate a menu, sign or basic conversation will come in extremely useful. Here are 5 Great Translation Apps for Travelling in a Foreign Country.

Google Translate

100% free. Available for Android and iOS devices. For translating one language to another, Google Translate is a simple and nice go-to app. It includes most of the modern languages. Google Translate is popular and can work well even with an Android Wear watch. Till recently, an internet connection was necessary to use this application. Fortunately, now it can also be used offline by downloading language packs that have sizes between 150 and 300 MB. Google Translate also features translation of SMS and a phrase book which are limited to android devices.


100% free. Duo lingo offers Latin American Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Irish and Swedish courses for English speakers, as well as American English for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Japanese, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean and Czech speakers. It also offers many other combinations of languages. Although it is not a translator app for Android per say, it however can make you the translator. When you are trying to learn a new language for your coming foreign visit, Duo lingo is a great app to learn the basic words, phrases, verb structure and pronunciation. It is quite simple and fun to learn. If you need to stay abroad for long, start using Duo lingo in advance and proceed step by step.

Yandex Translate

100% free. Available for Android and iOS devices. It is a Russian based company and also known as Russian Google. Yandex works on translating 40 languages with a user interface like Yahoo and Google. You can translate between any pair of languages, like from English to Danish or from Italian to Finnish. For popular languages there are detailed dictionary entries with examples of their use, and you can listen to how words and phrases are pronounced.

Word Lens Translator

100% free. Available for Android and iOS devices. It is a true translator for a traveller that helps you understand even traffic signs and anything new, you need to know about a foreign country. It would also help you understand the content of a leaflet or a simple menu in a restaurant. Word Lens uses the built-in cameras on smart phones and similar devices to quickly scan and identify foreign text and then translate and display the words in another language on the device's display. The words are displayed in the original context on the original background, and the translation is performed in real-time without connection to the internet. You just need to point your mobile's camera on a text (in Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French and Italian) to get it translated in the language of your choice.



Free, if used online. For offline use every translator has to be bought within the app with prices starting from $2.99. Available for Android and iOS devices. Jibbigo is an offline voice translator and does not need phone or data connectivity to function. Jibbigo supports more than 20 languages through down-loadable packs. The app allows you to pick up a language pair, type or speak the phrase need to be translated. The translated version can be spoken just by tapping a button if required. In Jibbigo, the user holds down a record button and says a phrase. The phrase then appears as text in both languages and is spoken aloud in the target language. The app also includes an add name function, a background dictionary, and other features.

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