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4 Most Enchanting Valleys Of The World

Dreaming of a fabulous vacation and here we have many options open for you. Valleys have always allured mankind for their mystic charm and sensuality. What we have compiled today is just the cream above the cake. The one's discussed below are significant enough to catch anybody's attention. So relish the cream with the cake in the enchantment of the valleys.

Whale Valley: Egypt

The Whale valley in Egypt is located in the desert floor of Cairo in Egypt. This valley gains mass attention due to its fossilized desert floor of whales having legs. Surprised right ! but indeed the whale valley is said to be one of the hotspot for tourists. This valley consists of the remnants of whales with legs which were also believed to be land based animals rather than the ocean dwellers as we know today.

Valley Of Flowers: India

The valley of flowers in the state of Uttarakhand in India is a UNESCO World heritage site. This valley is located in the subterranean of the Himalayan region. The valley of flowers is basically famed for comprising more than 500 species of flowers and is acclaimed for its meadows of indigenous alpine vegetation and enchanting natural beauty. An enthralling safe haven for the rare and endangered species like that of the Asiatic black bear, Snow Leopard and the Brown bear to name a few. There is no human settlement thriving in the national park and grazing in the area is strictly forbidden. An experience of this place feels like heaven.

Vinales Valley: Cuba

Now we move towards the Caribbean sea and take a sneak peek into the island of Cuba. Here in this country one comes across the amazing Vinales valley. This is an area of karsitic depression which means that it is made up of irregular limestone stratas and encompasses mystic wonders as that of fissures, underground sinkholes and caverns. This valley seems to be a total fairyland especially for its rocky escarpments which are true miracles to behold.

La Gran Sabana: Venezuela
La Gran Sabana_1477720093u40.jpg

Travelling further south one comes across the glorifying beauty of Venezuela also known as the Gran Sabana. This valley in Venezuela is one of the major geological attractions. Why Well, the answer is the amazing table top mountains also known as the Tepius, lush green vegetation and the rare flora and fauna found here which is nowhere to be found in the world. These are amazing geological formations which can be seen only in southern Venezuelan region. The Gran Sabana is nestled on a plateau on Mount Roraima which ahs an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. Truly, a trip to these valleys is once in a lifetime experience. The solitude of these valleys is really breathtaking and spins an aura of magical charm.

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