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10 Impossibly Colorful Places You Wont Believe They're Real

Remember the men of primitive age who used to mark their body with perky colours of flowers and leaves! Even some of the households in your neighbourhood might have some unusually bright colour combination. But can you think of an entire city flooded with riots of colours? Though it sounds little quirky, but the number of such cities are not very limited where either every household is coloured in monochromatic style or a hue of colours which is enough to make your day ever bright.
Willemstad - Curacao

Just north of Venezuela is the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. The legend goes that when the Dutch still ruled the island in the 1800s the governor at the time suffered from migraine headaches. Migraines he attributed to the blazing Caribbean sun. And he decreed that the residents paint buildings and other structures anything but white. Now we've got a World Heritage Site with buildings in blues, yellows, pinks and reds with white trim. It's definitely a gorgeous site to see.

Italy, the centre of European Renaissance, has been a hotspot of vacation lovers since time immemorial. Excellent work of art of its edifices and calmness of sea beaches are something which are unrivalled in the world. But, now you would be spellbound seeing the picturesque Cinque Terre, an Italian City dotted with hue of colours. Ask how! It's the vibrant painting on the houses of Cinque Terre that makes the city so lively. This coastal city is lined with azure sea water and looks impressively stunning for dramatic location of the settlements built on various levels of this emerald ridge.

You must have known Pattaya for its picture-perfect sea beaches! But have you noticed the colour combination of its houses? Well! It's truly amazing. Perfect enough to arouse the 'energetic you', this city brings assortment of attractions and let you feel charged for its perky houses. 

Old San Juan - Puerto Rico

The artistic sense of the designer of vibrant seven-block neighborhood is so strong that no two stripes are repeated. The old-world European architecture of the buildings lined with palm trees add to the most charming element of the city. A leisure evening walks through the restaurants and bars located behind the residences are the best way to explore the hidden charm of the city.

Once the residence of veteran poet Pablo Neruda, Valparaiso, wins the heart of the travelers not only for its multihued houses but for its scenic location as well. The colourful urban settlement of the city is nestled atop a hill fringed with the azure sea water. The vibrant tone of resident's homes speak louder about the creative nature of the locales and the unique murals tagged on the walls serve as the icing on the cake.

Manarola - Italy

Right in the heart of the Cinque Terre on the Italian Rivera, brings you to just one of the five small little villages that are located there. Quaintly, they are all connected by a gentle winding walking trail that takes you from Veranazza, to Monterosso al Mare, to Corniglia to Riomaggiore and finally, perched majestically on the rugged coastal cliffs overlooking the sea side, is Manarola. With roots that go right back to the 12th century, there's an array of different colored houses all appearing to be casually assembled on the cliff face.

The city, which was once the capital of Istanbul, Balat has not lost its old charm for its vibrant buildings. It is the lively colour of these habitats that make them look stunningly impressive against the cerulean sky. The play of bright yellow and sweet pink paints the picturescape of most the households where may be an additional red or green curtains functions as gems on the ring. 

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