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About Fredriksten

Fredriksten is a citadel within the town of Halden in Norway. This Fortresses changed into built by Denmark-Norway in the seventeenth century as a alternative for the border castle at Bohus, which have been misplaced whilst the province of Bohuslän became ceded to Sweden by way of the phrases of the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658. The citadel become named after King Fredrik III of Denmark and Norway, and the town of Halden turned into additionally in the beginning named after him, having been known as Fredrikshald between 1665 and 1928. After 1905 the fort lost all military importance, but it nevertheless hosted various devices.

As of nowadays the Norwegian defence logistics and administrative university is situated through the citadel. The citadel additionally hosts several museums and art exhibitions. During the summer season outdoor concert events are organized with each classic and modern-day track. The vintage fort flag from 1814, taken via the Swedish troops and now not again to Norway until 1964, is preserved inside the present day museum located in the internal fortress.

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