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Puri, aka Jagnnath Puri

location_on Odisha, India

Places to visit in Odisha

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About Puri, aka Jagnnath Puri

Things to do in Jagannath Puri

Some of the activities that you might be interested in, in your trip to Jagannath Puri can be,
Jagannath RathYatra
Jagannath Puri is one of the four most pious destinations for the Hindu religion and is part of the famous Char-Dham. Millions of people from all over the world come to participate in the Jagannath RathYatra every year. This is considered a very pious ritual according to this Hindu religion. A fine feast, a long trip via awalk and also a colourful fair afterwards are some of the major attractions of this Yatra. Jagannath RathYatra

Places to see in Jagannath Puri

Some of the interesting places in Jagannath Puri are
Jagannath Temple:
The primary reason people visit Jagannath Puri is to see the Jagannath Temple. It is one of the most pious destinations for Hindus all over the world. This temple is said to be a wish fulfiller and stays amongst the top ranks of Hindu temples all over the world. Apart from the beautiful architecture of the temple, the Jagannath Temple is also famous for the yearly pilgrimage that starts at this temple.
Konark Sun Temple:
Another one of the famous temples of Jagannath Puri is the Konark Sun Temple. The stunning architecture of this place is bound to leave you in awe. This place should be a must-visit on your list of places to visit in the city of Jagannath Puri. It is said that only after visiting this temple is your trip to the Jagannath Puri is considered complete.
Konark Beach:
After long walks in the pilgrimage and standing in ques with thousands of devotees all day long a moment of quiet restitution is required. The Konark beach is the place that you visit under such circumstances. The view of the sunset here is considered to be one of the most beautiful and scenic images throughout the mainland India.

Food and Shopping in Jagannath Puri

Food in Jagannath Puri:
Being a pilgrim city for the Hindus, the city of Jagannath Puri offers mostly pure vegetarian food. When you are here some of the special items of this place that you can look out for include the dishes of the classic Oriya Cuisine. Mouth-watering foods are also prepared at one of the largest kitchens in the world of the Jagannath Puri Temple as part of the prasadam.
Shopping in Jagannath Puri:
The city of Jagannath Puri offers some of the best Handicraft shops all over India. When in Jagannath Puri you cannot leave without carrying a beautiful souvenir that signifies the ever presence of one of the Hindu gods at your home. Also, there are several shops that you can shop at to find beautiful sarees to wear or gift.

How to reach Jagannath Puri

Jagannath Puri by Bus:
There are several buses that take you to this pious place every day from all the major and minor nearby towns and cities.
Jagannath Puri by Taxi:
Just like the buses, there are several taxis and cabs from the local private and government companies in the nearby towns that can take you to Jagannath Puri in a heartbeat.
Jagannath Puri by Train:
The city of Jagannath Puri has its own major railway station that is well connected to thewhole of India.
Nearest Airport to Jagannath Puri:
The Bhubaneshwar airport is the nearest airport to Jagannath Puri. A small road trip from there on will take you to Jagannath Puri.

Jagannath Puri Distance from nearby Places:
Jagannath from Kolkata: 468 kilometres
Jagannath from Bhubaneshwar: 60 kilometres

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Puri, Aka Jagnnath Puri Tour Packages

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26 Nov 2022

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