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Gonjang Monastery

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About Gonjang Monastery

Gonjang Monastery is arranged at Fatak Bojhogari close Tashi Viewpoint in Gangtok, Sikkim. Situated at a height of 6066 feet, it is one of the popular religious communities in Gangtok and among the best Gangtok attractions. Gonjang Monastery was worked in 1981 by H.E. Tingkye Gonjang Rimpoche. He was perceived as a manifestation of Yolmo Terton Ngakchang Shakya Zangpo, a fifteenth century Nyingmapa Terton. The cloister pursues Jangter custom of Nyingmapa school of Tibetan Buddhism. Devout instruction alongside Tibetan language and English are educated to the priest understudies here.

The religious community grants learning on close and relative investigations of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist logic dependent on good qualities. The monastery looks amazing from outside with a huge Buddha figure inside. Inside this cloister one can see the Idols of Khen-hack Cho-Sum, three Religious Personalities or establishing Fathers of Tibetan Buddhism in eighth century, and the engraved statues of the twenty-five followers of Guru Padmasambhava called Je-blast Nyer-Nga. Today, the cloister has more than 100 priests. The cloister has Thadrol Dorjee Memorial Community Health Care Center for giving drug to priests and the nearby individuals.

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