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Mawazine Festival 2018

Event Name : Mawazine Festival 2018
Venue : Rabat
Start Date : Friday, 22-Jun-2018
End Date : Saturday, 30-Jun-2018

Mawazine Festival 2018

Finally, the day comes that fascinates great amount of music lovers from ious parts of the world. Well, we are talking about the Festival Mawazine that lets music buffs to partake in the huge and successful celebration of world music, its medley and rhythms, and too every year. Further, what enthralls the onlookers are its inspiring features such as 1500 concerts, art exhibitions and street performances.

The yearly Festival Mawazine spots the Morocco capital city, Rabat. Its main focus is to showcase the world music, underlining Arab and international music icons. The festival is celebrated with a motive to promote the country as a tolerant nation. The global superstars who performed in 2010 were Sir Elton John, Santana and Sting, and Celine Dion and Beyonce are expected to perform this year. Above and beyond, along with Jazz and gypsy music, less familiar South American music African rhythms are also greatly encouraged.

The most awaited yet captivating feature of Festival Mawazine is the "Mawazine Generation" contest, where only and only aspiring musicians amid the age of 15 to 30 are called and given a platform to entertain a large audience and a professional jury. After that the winner will be conferred with a golden opportunity by the National Radio and Television Company to produce a solo video and an album. Subsequently, it will be distributed to the famous television channels of Morocco for broadcast. You can also anticipate a performance by a multiple award-winning artist namely George Benson, as part of the opening ceremony. So, try to make your plan during this time, so that you can successfully appear in the Mawazine Festival.

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