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Gion Matsuri Festival 2018

Event Name : Gion Matsuri Festival 2018
Venue : Goin-cho, Kyoto City
Start Date : Sunday, 01-Jul-2018
End Date : Tuesday, 31-Jul-2018

Gion Matsuri Festival 2018

The Gion Matsuri festival offers truly a mind-boggling sight to behold. It is one of Japan's most vital festivals whose celebration covers the whole month of July. It holds a great relevance for the people of age groups especially who belong to Middle Age. Series of pleasurable events and full-on procession are organized by way of the present main streets of the old capital. But, the main highlight of the fair is the incredible colorful procession Yamaboko Junko that happens somewhere in the mid of July, featuring 32 magnificent floats.

During the time of festivity, you may also encounter youngsters wobbling dangerously on wooden sandals at the time of making poses while chatting on mobile, wearing multi-hued summer kimonos and tour buses stocked with middle aged country men. Besides, video-cams out waiting to capture eye-catching floats, some of them are two storeys high, and pulled by locals in loincloths and obtained in a fascinating drone of bells, flute, drums and voices.

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