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Screaming Tunnel near Niagara Falls

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About Screaming Tunnel near Niagara Falls

Screaming Tunnel : Imagine lighting a matchstick in the middle of a tunnel and a chilly wind blows it out and you hear the scream of a little girl, will you stay there for or run for your life? The Screaming tunnel is the place for those dare devils who won't run away.

It is an abandoned rail tunnel located beneath the railway track that connects Niagara falls to Toronto and New York. It was initially constructed in the early 1900's but was abandoned after funding was restricted due to the World War 1. The tunnel garnered international attention when it was used in 1983 Stephen King horror movie 'The Dead Zone'.

The Screaming tunnel is the site of an urban legend that says that the tunnel is haunted by the ghost of a little girl that burnt alive in the tunnel. About a century ago, there was a farm house located just near the south entrance of this tunnel. One ill-fated day, the house caught fire, engulfing a little girl in its flame. She ran from the house screaming for help and ran through the tunnel and rolled on the tunnel floor in an attempt to extinguish the flames. But she was completely burnt and died in the tunnel. No one knows the reason for the house's fire. According to one legend, the little girl's father had became enraged after losing a custody battle over her and chased her into the tunnel, doused her with gasoline, and burned her alive. While some say that the fire was started by a local butcher who had become obsessed with the girl, he had sneaked up on the house in the middle of the night to kidnap her. When she tried to escape through the tunnel, he burnt her alive.

So, if you light a match in the middle of the tunnel, it will blow out and you will hear the scream of the little girl and people who have visited there have had the feeling of being watched. Some say you might also see the ghost of the girl's father coming into the end of the tunnel.The temperature is considerably cooler in the tunnel than the surrounding area. The story is not documented and has been passed down by Niagara Falls residents through the generations.

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