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Destination: Angola
Marine landscape in the form of turquoise sea, aggressive flow of waterfall and refreshing rivers along with the noteworthy location on map, Angola stands as a perfect dream world for anyone. This South African country is a must visit for all around the world if anyone wants to witness the breathtaking view of all times. Pleasant venue of Angola is blessed with natural decoration, which is scattered in the form of pristine sea beaches, blooming parks, unstable waterfalls and running rivers. This natural existence of immaculate glory on African land is like a shower of beauty from heaven. The visible landscape is a treat to eyes along with the subsoil, which is enriched with diamond, oil, gold and copper. Trip to Angola will be a brimming package of enjoyment that will overwhelm you and leave you with some everlasting memories. Angola is geographically situated in south-central Africa, which is bordered by Namibia on south, Democratic Republic of the Congo on north and Zambia on east. Country has Luanda as its capital city with its west coast on Atlantic Ocean. Shades of Portuguese culture can be seen in country as it was a Portuguese overseas territory from 16th century to 1975. Angola has a violent history which is spotted by the period of warfare since 1975 to 2002. Still after such devastating background, Angola has recovered itself successfully and come up as a tourists destination. Angola is basically the amalgam of diverse climate, culture, color and landscape, which is the magnetic point of this land. Existence of this diversity plays a crucial role in diverting the minds of many travelers towards this destination. Further the flawless landscape makes a great success in winning the attention of every visitor. Tourism store of this destination has many things to entertain the guests and many hidden sites to enhance their tour.

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