Strange Travel Hubs Dotting Country Maps

Strange Travel Hubs Dotting Country Maps

Each country has something or the other to boost off but there are few that embraces not so significant places yet are popular for there mere being. Track out ones we have selected for you people to know!

Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam
The historical existence of Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam reminds of the survival of military campaigns during Vietnam Wars. Some of the most bloody wars against American soldiers had been fought in these tunnels, which has now transformed into a favorable spot for tourists. With addition of some renewed extensions these tunnels are opened for arriving tourists. They can take pleasure of tunnel ride, can also shoot a bullet with AK-47 rifle by paying $1 along with other delights of place. This controversial destination has surely introduced a new chapter in the book of tourism.

Plastinarium in Guben, Germany
Falling under the category of much hyped and most controversial tourists spot is the Plastinarium in Guben, Germany. Plastinarium showcases the process of plastination in depth, which is related to the preservation of human bodies and their dissection. This center has emerged as a profitable learning ground for medical professionals and doctors. However, apart form this it has also received a huge majority of tourists approaching this place. But, from the tourism point of view does it really makes any sense to include it in tourism map, referring to how many people would be interested in knowing the hardcore plastination process on their trip.

Dharavi, Slum in Mumbai, India
Tourism in India is much more than a holiday trip, which is related to deep exploration of India's unexplored mystery or misery. Dharavi situated in Mumbai sandwiched between Mahim and Sion is the World's largest slum area. With changing trends in tourism culture people are now discovering interest in observing the lives of people in slum. But the question arises here is that the foul smell, shattered huts, pathetic condition of people and disorganized lanes can really lead to an awe inspiring tour.

North Korea
North Korea is blessed with some eye-striking landscapes and natural assets in the form of smoothly flowing waterfalls, lagoons and magnificent mountains. These valuable attractions can drive anyone crazy but traveling in a restricted environment with guns over your shoulder can be depressing. This country in East Asia is a domicile of strict rules for tourists. One mistake at your end and you are bound to unexpected punishment. Is, a place running under such rigorous rules worth visiting where tourists are not able to enjoy their journey but are more concerned about following the rules.

Devil's Island, French Guiana
Devil's island is one of the three islands that make up Iles du Salut on the coast of French Guiana and was a part of infamous penal colonies until 1952. Also known as Ile du Diable, the Devil's island is considered as ?the Green Hell? which is a famous tourists attraction in French Guiana. Devil's island a home to number of prisoners subject to cruelty, reflects horrid images of people that died in terrible conditions. Prisoners in Devil's island were under the effect of some undesirable disease, which was the main cause of their death. Can such a place be treated as reputable tourists attraction for visitors? The question is worth considering and debating.

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