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Awesome Paragliding in Lebanon

Thanks to plenty of highly elevated mountains that make the act of paragliding much easier for the tourists. The act of Paragliding is supported by perfect weather conditions that place Lebanon as one of the immaculate glide ports in the Middle East. Choose Cedars as your first and foremost paragliding port particularly for those who are experiencing the first thrill of flying. You can easily access the place by car from Chekka south of Tripoli or from Deir el Ahmar in the Beqaa. Further, you can also decide on the Lassa paragliding, which is only reachable by foot or 4 wheel drive at the Lassa village. Paragliding is a very interesting outdoor activity that successfully wins the attraction of everyone and Lebanon has no shortage of the best locates to offer the participants.

Visit Harissa, which provides a panoramic vista of Jounieh, then Miziara which presents a medium site, Barouk promises to give you a lifetime experience, and Faraya, is a well-known winter location. However, Lebanon also has lot of legally identified paragliding clubs that give training or facilities related to the sport in solo or bi-place (where one paraglides accompanied by the instructor) and hence becomes an eye-catching for everyone.