Inaugurated in A.D 80 by the sons of Vespanian, it was one of the largest amphitheaters in the world with a capacity to seat 50,000 people at the same time. Almost all kinds of combat shows were held here, gladiator shows, fights between animals, fights between man and animal; all could be enjoyed here. Such huge was the size that combat between ships were organized as well. It was possible as the shell could be flooded. Executions and enactments of famous battles were among the many Public spectacles that could have been seen here. It is estimated that more than 500,000 people and animals died here in the Colosseum. Surely its grandeur has decreased as it stands partially in ruins today because of earthquakes, ransacking and centuries of neglect. Still the magnificence present in Colosseum is enough to attract tourists from all over the world. Colosseum is still used for Roman Catholic ceremonies like Stations of the Cross performed on Good Fridays by Pope Benedict XVI.


Florence Tuscan Delight 9 Days/ 8 Nights INR 110990
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  • Meal
  • Sightseeing
  • Round Trip Airfare
Enchanting Europe 10 Days/ 9 Nights INR 90500
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  • Accommodation
  • Meal
  • Round Trip Airfare

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