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Spend a day in Funafuti City

PlaceSpend a day in Funafuti City
Area Tuvalu
Prices starting: 2100/night
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About Spend a day in Funafuti City
Coming to Tuvalu and not seeing the alluring sights of its capital city, Funafuti, is something not to be expected. The city is meticulously situated in the southern Pacific Ocean on a small coral reef, composing 33 islands, locally called as motu, of a reef 21 km long. In today times, Funafuti is a city with a total land area of about 2.6 sq km and successfully exhibits composed ambiance everywhere. Besides, it has a calculated population of 4, 492 and is wonderfully stocked with both modern establishments and striking traditional houses with thatched roofs. You may not believe your ears but Funafuti is also referred to as a human head when viewed from space, with maximum of the land area appearing at the eastern side of the lagoon or at the "back" of the head. Its 11-mile turquoise lagoon beautifully fascinates both scuba divers and snorkelers to explore the exotic life under the surface along with WWII wrecks coming out from the water. However, rear on land, the coral reef also talks about vivacious Marine Conservation Area, a Church of Tuvalu, and local goods available at the renowned Handicraft Centre for women.
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