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World's Largest Indoor Beach Inside an Airship Hanger

World's Largest Indoor

Want to enjoy both winter and summer at the same time? You can have this dream fulfilled if you are in Germany. All you need to do is drive some 60 km away from Berlin and visit the tropical islands resort constructed in Airship Hangar-Brandenburg, Germany. Built by CargoLifter AG, the huge hangar worth EUR 78 million was originally meant to house airplane but the plan did not see the light of day as the company got liquidated in 2002. In 2003, the whole structure was acquired by Malaysian Tanjong Company and they converted the one-time hangar into an indoor, artificial tropical resort, called Tropical Islands.  The huge hangar is the world's largest indoor beach and also the largest single hall without supporting pillars inside. The size of the hangar can be gauged from the fact that even the Statue of Liberty could stand up inside it.  The Malaysian firm opened the Tropical Islands in 2004. The place can accommodate 7,000 visitors at a time, who are offered best services by a trained workforce of 500 staff. Though there is snow outside the resort, it has been designed in such a way that the outside temperature always remains 25 degrees Celsius. The resort has got rain forest, beach, artificial sun, palm trees, orchids, and bird soundtrack Inside the resort, you can find tropical vegetation with 500 different plants. The place also allows the visitors a chance to know more about the cultures of Brazil, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia and Kenya. Tropical Islands also features Germany's highest waterslide at 82 feet.  For foodies, the resort has some superb restaurants, offering cuisines from across the world. The entry is for 18.50 Euro (about $23) on weekdays and 23.50 Euro (about $29) on weekends. The Tropical Islands Resort remains open around the clock, round the year. The resort offers a day care center too. It has got seven fully stocked bars, which means that it is nothing less than a heaven for those who want to enjoy with their bellies full of German beers.   The resort is located in Briesen/Brand, Brandenburg, off the "Staakow" exit of the A13 Autobahn.
You can take a train from Berlin and Cottbus to reach here. The Regional Express RE2 runs hourly from both cities to Brand (Niederlausitz). The journey from Berlin Alexanderplatz takes around an hour. You can also drive from Munich.    

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