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Where All In The World Its Ban To Use Cell Phones And Social Media

Where All In The World Its Ban To Use Cell Phones And Social Media


Vienna urging tourists to ditch Instagram and travel hashtag free, whereas Bali resort has completely banned the use of cell phones or no calls, no messages and no social media facility in their premises. 


The ongoing culture of hashtags have taken out the essence of traveling is what they believe, and this is making them more occupied than relaxing, while on the vacation. Also, the hashtag, snap taking trend takes you out from the moment, and one forgets to enjoy the real things in life. Last year incident of Milan banning the selfie sticks in the city, was the major concern of the government as the nuisance of sticks created by the selfie maniacs, was disturbing the whole of tourist locations and their essence. 


So now the time has come, when people themselves look out for breaks where they can digitally detox. Moreover, the travel industry is moving on a very fast pace from internet world to digital detox trend it is the term used to describe where an individual can have time completely with himself and surroundings. This trend will make you appreciate nature, relax and read a book or indulge in conversation with people around and get rid of all the stress and addictions. 


Therefore take a break, get rid of cellphones and Digitally detox yourself, at these wonderful places.  

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2. Petit Jardin France


Petit Jardin the restaurant in Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, France strongly discourages the use of cell phones, as they have an anti-device policy in the restaurant and if one found using the same is instantly given the yellow card and if seen doing again then you will be asked to leave the premises. That strict.

3. Sistine Chapel Vatican City


Sistine Chapel, Vatican city strictly bans the use of cell phones inside the chapels. That completely distracts and disturbs the visitors inside the Chapel. Also, according to their website its clearly mentioned, that “Visitors are required to activate the silent function of their mobile device.

“The use of mobile phones is forbidden in the Sistine Chapel.”

4. Scandinave Spa Canada

Scandinave Spa Canada Scandinave Spa Canada


Scandinave Spa in Canada is one of the renowned chains of spas, doesn't prohibit smartphones but they don't offer any wifi service to use in their premises, so any which ways no one will be able to indulge in any of Social Media. Also, it is a silent spa means no phone calls or rings are completely discouraged here. So one can have the complete relaxing time here, without any disturbance. 

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