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Visiting Sri Lanka Here Are Top 5 Places To Enjoy Night Life Adventure

26 Nov 2022 03:53 PM
Visiting Sri Lanka Here Are Top 5 Places To Enjoy Night Life Adventure


In Colombo, you can experience an amazing nightlife which includes an enthusiastic crowd, pubs, enchanting cafes, delicious cuisines, awesome music, great bands etc in casinos. A Pub Culture is one of the biggest revolutions in Colombo Sri Lanka nightlife which is coupled with Sri Lanka‘s reputation for being a hospitable place fill your night with great memories and new friends. So let’s check out some of the best places of Colombo for nightlife. 

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1. Ballys Casino


Bally’s has been a strong name in the nightlife of Colombo for a very long time. Associated with warmth, respect, hospitality, and trust, Bally’s has earned itself a huge bouquet of clientele. The huge gaming area is always full of people, both locals and tourists. You can stake as low as INR 100 and go up to lacs. Players are treated to delicious snacks and complimentary drinks. Don’t miss their special breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets.

2. Rhythm And Blues Nightclub

This is one of the finest clubs of Colombo Sri Lanka nightlife. In fact, Rhythm and Blues is a welcoming and charming party venue. It features an inviting interior and its menu is known to include lip-smacking finger foods and the best drinks. If you are with a group of your friends then it is a superb place to party in the capital of Sri Lanka.

3. Sky Lounge


The Sky lounge also dishes out an extensive menu of food and drink, including a iety of champagnes, molecular cocktails, and a iety of cigars. Bartenders are friendly and more than happy to help you select wines or cocktails that suit your palate. Time your visit to coincide with sun-down and you're in for a treat, with skies that change colour right in front of your eyes, as the sun makes way for the moon. Nightfall brings with it another great view of sky covered in a blanket of twinkling stars. And beyond you, there's the endless ocean.

4. Loft Lounge Bar


The Loft is a great place to rejuvenate and relax amidst the quirky and arty interiors. It is a trendy and charming hangout bar, decorated with recycled pieces of scrap like scrunched ceiling sheets, tractor pieces for barstools, and back cushions. The classic drinks and whipped cocktails are top sellers of Colombo Sri Lanka nightlife. Friendly staff and an interesting menu further add to the awesome experience of clubbing in Colombia.

5. Barefoot Garden Café


Barefoot Garden Café exudes tranquillity. Set in an enchanting garden, all wining and dining here are under the trees. From sandwiches to prawns to curries to pasta, every delicacy dished out at the Barefoot Garden cafe is scrumptious. It also has an art gallery that features the works of local artists. Grab your favourite book and sip on your latte while enjoying a peaceful late evening or night at the cafe. Inviting settings and the warm aura of the patio attract a lot of tourists and travellers.


Rock an amazing nightlife in Sri Lanka when you visit next.

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