Visit these top wildlife sanctuaries in the Philippines 

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Visit these top wildlife sanctuaries in the Philippines

The Philippines have more than 7000 islands that attract the tourists with its picturesque view in each unique location. This is one of the best locations for the admirers of nature and at the same time hosts as one of the best wildlife destinations around the globe where there are a number of national parks located throughout the country. One can enjoy the natural beauty of the nation along with the mystifying things to do on the list to serve the tour of the Philippines as an ultimate experience worth experiencing a lifetime.

Calauit Safari Park

This national park is situated in Calauit Island and is renowned for its wildlife sanctuary and game reserves. There is a variety of flora and fauna that every traveler can witness here. Among the most significant animals here are the giraffes which people can see throughout the place.

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Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

The place is a home for the exotic species of wildlife and is one of the most ideal spots for the conservation of biodiversity. This is among the best rated national park in the Philippines and also one of the heritage centers across the globe under UNESCO. The location serves the visitors with a thrill and spellbinding adventure to give them time for their life.

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Hundred Islands National Park Pangasinan Province

This is a place where one can witness hundreds of islands that are in the shape of a mushroom, This is one of the national parks in the Philippines that serves the visitors with the most mesmerizing and splendid view of the country.  The Southern Gulf hosts a variety of isles out of which three are open for local sightseeing and tourist visit. These are the Children’s Island, Quezon Island, and the Governor’s Island. These islands can be visited with the family to enjoy leisure time.

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Aurora Memorial National Park

This is one of the protected areas in the Philippines in the Sierra Madre Mountain. The national park is a peaceful place and has a cozy ambiance throughout. Among the most sighted activities here is bird watching, spotting wildlife, and much more for all eco-tourism purpose. The national park is home to the rainforests of the region.

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Biak-na-Bato National Park

This is located at a walking distance from the San Miguel Bulacan and is considered to be a natural beauty with a view of paradise on Earth. The national park is a home of various caves, rocks, waterfalls, trails for hiking, and various other natural wonders which marks a splendid appeal to every visitor in this spot.

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Caramoan Peninsula National Park

The park is located in Bicol and is one of the most visited national parks in the Philippines. One can see the beautiful limestone, rivers, and sand beaches that can provide a pleasing appeal to the mind. This is also one of the best places for the adventure seekers who visit the Philippines during any time of the year.

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Libmanan Caves National Park

There are a variety of caves in this national park that has made this spot renowned across the world. It has 18 varied systems for caves which are naturally created and is a natural wonder and beauty worth witnessing by all once at least in a lifetime. For all the spelunking lovers, the labyrinthine caves serve as a top charm of this destination.

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Mounts Iglit–Baco National Park

The Mounts Iglit–Baco National Park is located between the two mountain peaks of Mount Baco and Mount Iglit and is located in the Mindoro Island. The national park has received its fame in the name of ASEAN Heritage Park and is renowned worldwide. One can spot the most endemic Tamaraw which is one of the endangered mammals of the larger size group. The spot also hosts a few plants that are indigenous in nature.

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Fuyot Springs National Park

This national park is situated in the foothills of Sierra Madre Mountain. This is a surreal escape destination as it serves the most charismatic waterfall and wildlife spotting. One can seek adventure here which can be soul-stirring at times in various forms that the travelers would have never thought before visiting the location.

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Minalungao National Park

This national park is situated in Nueva Ecija province and this is also one of the best national parks in the Philippines. This is also a great tourist attraction in the Philippines as the place serves to be very affordable when one is on a budget escape. 

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