Unusual Things to Do in Ikaria 

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Unusual Things to Do in Ikaria

When a tourist is in the small island of Ikaria that is commonly referred to as ‘The Greek Island of Longevity’, there are many activities that can be done here so that a visit to the place can be made pleasurable. 


This Blue Zone where one in every three people lives well beyond 90-years of age is a much-untouched island where Western styles of living are still not very predominant and therefore some traditional activities can be indulged here with a lot of fun. 


This rocky island with deep valleys has some absolutely stunning beaches that can be perfect for a visit. Together with them, visitors can also do some things that can make a visit particularly memorable. We try to list some of them over here so that visiting this Greek island can be on anyone’s to-do list. We have listed some of the things to do in Ikaria.

Visit its splendid beaches

Ikaria offers some great beaches where a visit must be made on a trip to the island. For visitors who even do not care to have a swim, simply going to these beaches and watching the ambiance can be quite breathtaking. Most of them can be accessed after covering some rocky, undulating trails but once after reaching out to them, one can feel quite pleasant. The Seychelles beach is a very beautiful and isolated beach that is visited by a lot of tourists. 


It can be reached by boat or by making a downhill descend on a rocky surface after a walk of about 10-minutes. Same is the case with the Nas beach that is also a wild and virgin beach on the island. It can also be worth to check out the Kambos, Armenestis, Kiparisi, Messakti, Karame and Fles beaches that are all wonderful places for a visit. 

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Indulge in a surfing lesson

Getting a surfing lesson can be worth all the pain as one can feel highly satisfied after learning the skill. High waves of the sea can be enjoyed with elan by participating in this activity. Enthusiasts can always drop on the island from the end of May till September last and get a lesson or two in surfing. The northern beach of Messakti is a very popular destination for this activity. Don’t you think this is one of the things to do in Ikaria.



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Participate in a hiking trail

Hiking in Ikaria can be a fun-filled activity as its uneven landscape offers sufficient options for completing a trail. Many types of hiking trails are quite popular on the island. Advanced path networks have also been created so that hikers can get the most satisfactory experience while undertaking a journey. 


Trails have been made linking the coast and many of them pass through the mountains so that people can see its gorgeous setting. There is a tour of Raches that is very popular among the hikers over here as it makes an awesome walk. 

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Enjoy a natural thermal spa

Visitors can plan a visit to Therma which is a small town that is renowned for its healing thermal waters. People with rheumatism, arthritis and many other conditions can feel relaxed with a dip over here while others can simply join the fun. In a simple indoor complex known as the Spilaio, a hot sauna bath can be experienced within a cave. 

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Take part in the church festival

A Greek Orthodox community church event called Panagiri is celebrated in Ikaria. Everyone is welcome to participate in the event and one can expect to enjoy delicious food and drink along with meeting a lot of people from the place. It is an enjoyable social event that takes place at many times throughout a year mostly during the summer months.

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Try eating the Ikarian Food

The Island offers different choices for all food lovers. There are excellent goat dishes and delicious seafood like the lip-smacking red mullet fish that can be enjoyed here. One can also enjoy an authentic Greek Soufiko that is a vegetable stew made from Greek herbs, spices, and olive oil. Locally-made honey and jam are also quite delicious.

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Photography can always be an option

With so many beautiful beaches and abundant scenery spread all across the island, any photographer can just love to visit the place. Capturing the sunset from a beach can particularly be a phenomenal experience for any photography lover. 

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Sign up with ‘Ikaria Longevity Retreat’

The organization suggests meditation, yoga, and healthy living practices that people can follow and get a long and fulfilled life. A session at the retreat can be quite satisfactory.


These are some of the best things that can be done on a visit to Ikaria so that a journey to this island can be a delightful experience.

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