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Love travelling the wild and the beautiful, well it is important to stay updated with whats going around with the travel community. Whether it is a new trail discovered, a new gear launched, some amazing places inauguration or an important update on the travel industry, a travel news blogs keep you updated on what’s happening where?

But, with active travelling craze and rising commercialization, many travel news blogs are surfacing every other day. Finding a reliable, factual and updated travel news blog can be little tough. Let us do all the working while you enjoy latest and realistic travel news, here is the list of top travel news blogs 2018.

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  1. Don't Get Serious : Don't Get Serious is India’s leading viral news publishing website which creates fresh hand-picked stories from around the country and globe to share it with its young audience. DGS is proudly made in India and its goal is to publish content which the users love to share, discuss and read.
  2. Pure Travel : Pure Travel is a travel blog which publishes about famous places to travel around the globe. Pure Travel makes the line ‘Real travel is not just about seeing new things, but also about seeing things with a new and refreshed perspective’ more meaningful.
  3. Blogger Pile : Blogger Pile publishes news about everything, from entertainment, sports to travel. It publishes content for it’s readers that is fresh and interesting.
  4. Travelerl Lust : Travelerl Lust is one of the best travel guides in India. It helps the travellers with one of the most accurate travel reviews and travel hacks about different places to visit and explore around the globe. Travel Lust shares everything from interesting travel ideas, a culture of different places, places to visit, things to do to eat the best food in different places around the globe.
  5. Native Planet : Native Planet focuses on reaching information and guidelines of every destination in India to its target audience. It is a travel website that caters to travellers to ious destinations, attractions and travels guide information in depth.  it is an attempt to cater to the quest of a traveller. Native Planet is a one-stop for a traveller for everything from booking travel tickets to choosing the best destination to travel.
  6. My Udaipur City : My Udaipur City is a place where a traveller can  Gaze the heart of Udaipur city! and Explore the scenic beauty!. It is a platform which will keep the traveller updated about all the latest news and events happening in the Udaipur city. It connects the traveller with truly traditional culture and unexplored places of Udaipur city.
  7. Pick A Story : Pick A Story is a news publishing website which shares stories and gives tips to the reader to satisfy their wanderlust. It shares interesting stories about food, fashion, travel, relationship and lifestyle.
  8. Travel Meguide Travel Me Guide is a travel guide to explore the best places around the world. It publishes about everything to do with travel from the best tourist attractions, honeymoon destinations to the best beaches to visit around the globe.
  9. Mumbai India : Mumbai India is a news, entertainment, music and fashion website. It provides a reader with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry and the travel world.
  10. Travel Rope : Travelrope is a travelogue which eases the process of building a trip itinerary of a traveller by sharing travel experiences of different travellers who contribute their stories to Travelrope. It’s ‘Inspire Me Series’  has been inspiring a whole lot of travellers through different experiences of each other.
  11. Styles At Life : Styles At Life is a viral news publishing website, providing the latest information on beauty, fashion, travel, food and health. It provides the latest lifestyle articles and travels hacks to the readers.
  12. Trabeauli :  Trabeauli is a blog website aimed at bringing the best about Travel, Beauty and Lifestyle to the reader. The initials of travel, beauty and lifestyle came together to form the name Trabeauli. With a unique name lies a deep meaning in the name.
  13. Inspired traveller : Inspired Traveller is a community of passionate travellers which inspires wanderlust and curiosity for the world. It believes that travel is much more than a vacation and a fun learning experience. Inspired Traveller loves to travel and travellers.
  14. Blog Adda : Blog Adda is the largest community of bloggers in India. It provides a platform to showcase Indian bloggers and help them promote to a large audience. For readers, there is a brilliant iety of content aggregated in a iety of useful forms. 
  15. One Himachal : One Himachal as the name suggests aims to bring every Himachali closer to their roots by providing different genre of content related and based on Himachal. It also promotes Uttarakhand, J&K and North-East states.
  16. India Mike : India Mike is an India-centric travel community, focused on providing real information to India travellers. It has a 95,000 strong member community dedicated to educating travelers on the do's and do-not's of India travels. With over a hundred thousand threads and one million posts, there's something on the website for everyone looking for information on India travel.
  17. Travelers Today : Travelers Today is “The Home for Travelers Around the World”. It provides a factual, legitimate and reliable platform that encourages world tourism and promotes global awareness. It’s  vision is to be a leader among online travel sites by reporting on travel news, travel tips and top suggested destinations, ideas, festivities and people around the globe.
  18. The Poor Nomad : travel by public transport, bargain with hotel managers, camp anywhere, eat street food even when my stomach is in a Delhi-belly mood and drink local beer to cut down my travel cost,
  19. Travel O Miles : Travel O Miles is a travel guide that helps travelers explore the best tourist places in India. It is an online platform for travelers to get all information about different travel. destinations. It gets the harmonious blend of art, philosophy and culture of India to the travelers in the best possible way..
  20. Yellow Wall : Yellow Wall is an independent lifestyle blog that focuses on making content in categories like Health, Dating, Motivation, Fashion, Growth, and Travel. Yellow Wall believes that it’s  content can empower individuals and improve their lifestyle.
  21. D For Delhi :  DforDelhi is the capital’s prime destination for all the city-based inquiries. Decoding Delhi never felt easier, especially with the website’s new way of disseminating everything happening in the city. The city-based portal has a very specific tagline -everything & anything happening in Delhi can be found on their ios Social Media Channels. The portal is a proud Dilliwalas perfect guide to explore more of Delhi every day.
  22. Rathinas Viewspace : freelance journalist based in Pune, India and write about Travel, Culture, Food, Wellness, Health and Lifestyle. 
  23. Road Trio : Road Trio is a group of three friends who share the dream of knowing the four corners of the world. From the desire to explore different places and the constant search for new experiences, RoadTrio has emerged: a site that gathers information, tips and news that can not be missed and is essential for any traveler.
  24. Its Goa : ItsGoa is the Goan voice for all the latest Goa news and views. The idea behind this website is to provide information about Goa. Right from tourist places in Goa, to beaches in Goa, where to go sightseeing, details about heritage structures, clubs, shacks, hotels, restaurants and events, it provides the right information for everything.
  25. A Day Mag : A Day Mag is a  fashion life magazine which was established in Hong Kong in 2011. It is a web-based form of mining the most fresh and in-depth fashion information platform. It covers world's top travel destinations, exhibitions, technology, design, photography and even tempting cuisine.
  26. Pet Maya : Diamond Maya is a Thai website that offers great stories from all over the world, founded in November 2014. It tries to compose the most interesting stories to serve readers every day. It translate articles from abroad to Thai people to get to know the story.
  27. Craze Mag : CrazeMag is an online magazine extensively covering news related to Food , Tech , Travel , Automobile & Entertainment amongst others.
  28. Viral Stories :  Viral Stories is all about little snippets, videos, listicles etc. that are thoroughly enjoyable and indulging. Viral Stories is a medium through which people can take a break from their taxing monotonous routine and find a means to refresh themselves..
  29. Listotop : ListOTop is a place to publish amazing lists and facts from different parts of the world so the visitor can become more smarter in the way of knowledge. It is a platform to find the best possible list of popular things related to wonderful nature & world.
  30. Criatives Criatives was founded in 2011 to inspire creative people to do personal work and also in better agencies. It publishes amazing content related to travel, photography, technology and Art & Design. Be it a lawyer, illustrator or any other professional everybody will be welcomed by it’s posts.
  31. Web Feed 360 : Web Feed 360 is a meeting place for creative writers and readers around the world. It is a  daily dose on latest news, gossip, trending reading material.
  32. The Incidence : The Incidencei s a news portal to keep the readers updated about the incidences happening  around the world. It publshes articles about travel, technology, health, sports, science and lifestyle.
  33. Khurki : Khurki is powered by seasoned professionals driven by sarcasm & success in equal measure. It has a quirky & smart team who constantly pry on piping-hot gossip, crazy humour, lilting music, mad movies, travel, outlandish lifestyle & similar esoteric foods for thought which satiate the soul.
  34. Wopular : Wopular is a news aggregation site, giving a summary view of the top headlines from the top news sites. The search box grabs results from the top news, aggregation, blogging, video, and photo sites; it searches sites like NY Times, Digg, and Google.
  35. The Postread The Postread is a daily doze of the happening around the world. It publishes about travel, technology, sports and entertainment
  36. Get That Right Get That Right is a different kind of website committed to offering practical actionable advice, high-quality real-life tips, useful information and inspirational digital content on a range of topics to internet users that will aid them in doing well at work as well as in life.
  37. Viral Khichdi  : Viral Khichdi is a viral news publishing website which creates fresh hand-picked stories from around the country and globe. It simply covers everything about life from Travel tips & hacks to entertainment and lifestyle.
  38. Oh My India :Oh My India is a travel blog exploring the dynamic culture and vibrant contemporary initiatives of India. It is exploring the unexplored destinations of motherland India. It publishes about Travel & Food, Entertainment, Sports, Politics and Technology.
  39. Thaiza :Thaiza is a blog promoting Thai Tourism. The blog shares stories about Thai vacation destinations, food and other events happening in Thailand and surrounds. You can satiate your travel curiosity with the rich posts of this blog.
  40. TravelingWorld :Traveling to the World takes you to places that are known or unknown to the world. From traveling tips to famous attractions to travel guide for Asia and the rest of the world, the blog has a rich collection of travel related stuff to share.
  41. My heart on the road :A blog set up by travel enthusiasts for the travel enthusiasts, My Heart On The Road offers travel guides, tips, hacks and stories of traveling all across the globe. From exploring the unknown to enjoying renowned places, the blog has everything to share.
  42. Newsforpublic :Get the latest news of the world and stay updated. From technology to health to tour & travel and more, News For Public is a news website catering to ious niches. The website is aimed to bring all latest news for its readers.
  43. list.ly :Lists are easy to check and maintain and on Listly, you can find a perfectly curated list on any and every topic. Listly let you create, publish and find list for easy execution. The blog is about fitness, sports, fashion, art, movies and more.
  44. Eyasamrehberi :Give your inquisitiveness a serving of knowledge, facts and more at this blog. Eyasamrehberi is an online magazine catering to all niches. Find quality information on the blog and know about everything in the world.
  45. Bloglikes:A blog that has a lot to read, learn and understand. The blog has articles on ious categories such as Entertainment, Pics, Hobby, Travel, Tech, Lifestyle, Music, Society, Business, Art and news.
  46. Ttgmiddleeast :Travel and Tourism Guide Middle East is established by Motaz Othman. Motaz has an experience of more than 20 years. The blog is a guide for travel & tourism to the Middle East. Based in Jordan, Motaz is dedicated to promote travel and tourism in the Middle East.
  47. Thesmartlocal:A blog dedicated to the Singapore, The Smart Local offers articles about a iety of things. An ultimate guide to Singapore, the blog is a public media house that caters all information about travel and lifestyle.
  48. Azcentral :Want authentic news about places, people and things, az central has everything for you. From local to sports to things to do to business and travel, find all necessary information and news about everything.
  49. Freepressjournal :Established in 1928, The Free Press Journal is an online community where all information is available. The blog have rich content on ious categories including India, Cities, World, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Features and more. 
  50. Worldtravelguide :Welcome to the virtual journey of the entire world through this blog.  With multi-lingual content, the website caters to people across the world. The blog inspire travelers to break the limits and explore the unknown.
  51. Theloop :The Loop is an online magazine that shares content about News, Life, Style, and more. With quality social lifestyle content the website primarily caters to Canada. There is always fresh content available on this website to relish.
  52. Onlinenewsbuzz :A community of journalist, reporter, and readers that share information on different subjects. From latest news to quality information, find content on business, automotive, home & garden, health & fitness, finance, travel, real estate and more.
  53. Travel Buddies :Travel Buddies is where you can find your next travel partner. From hotels to events to travel tours and more, Travel Buddies has blogs and information on all topics. You can create your own profile and share your experiences.
  54. Mytripdesire:We all desire to travel and My Trip Desire offers wings to your dreams. Find travel experiences that will help you make your next trip fun and memorable. From solo travel to romantic destination experiences, here is everything you need for your wanderlust. 
  55. Amex Essentials :Amex Essentials is an online magazine that shares info on a iety of topics including Culture, Events, Food, Living, Style and Travel. From the best food around the world to best places to visit.
  56. Indiatravelplaces :India as a country is rich, dynamic and full of opportunities for travel enthusiast. The blog, India Travel Places, just like its name describes the ious famous destinations in India and the rich culture of it. You can find reliable and well-researched content about India, its culture, famous travel destinations, travel tips, and more on this blog.

  57. teachandtravelspain :As the name suggests, it is a site that gives you amazing opportunities to teach English in Spain and travel places. You can find incredible information about teaching English in Spain, travel information about Spain and other destinations, Travel photos, Blogs, and travel directory.

  58. Ting Tau :Ting Tau is a multi-niche blog with articles related to business, tech, autos, education, general, health, home décor tips, law, fashion, entertainment and sports and of course Travel. They provide authentic and latest news and other updates on current issues keeping the audiences highly engaged.

  59. Pinkjooz :Get best of the news and latest updates to stay abreast of what’s happening around the world. Pinkjooz is an incredible, content-rich platform with a lot to read and learn about travel, lifestyle and food. You can get some awesome tips for traveling as well on the blog.

  60. Worldofbuzz :Just like the name, World Of Buzz, the blog is what you need to brush up your knowledge of current affairs and viral issues. It has content related to news, viral, entertainment, life, tech, videos, and more that readers enjoy and utilize for enhancing their knowledge base.

  61. Davestravelcorner :Find incredible traveling inspiration on Dave’s Corner, a blog set up by Dave. The blog features high-quality travel blogs that shares the experience of expert travelers to the best locations of the world. The blog started in 2000 and now is one of the most influential blogs over the internet.

  62. Trendyfeeds :Anyone Indian who works online is welcome on board on Trendy Feeds. The blog is a platform that has Indian specific stories for readers. Maintained by Indians, for Indians the platform is definitely a fun-giving platform for readers and content seekers.

  63. Like2Do:Just like the name, this blog is dedicated to passion and interests. Like 2 Do is a platform where people from all walks of life come and discuss their passions and talents. One can enjoy reading the blogs, watching the videos and if interested, take part in the discussions and contribute.

  64. MashBox: When you are bored, you need a website like MashBox to cast away your boredom. With amazing content on a iety of categories including travel, the website is a reader’s paradise. You can read posts related to best places to travel, hot tourists attractions and a lot of things to do in the famous destinations of the world.

  65. Viralcholic :Viralcholic, just like its name is a blog that is rich with viral blogs. From entertainment to lifestyle to travel and more, the blog has interesting and engaging content to cater to its readers. Established with the aim to keep the audience entertained the blog is a great way to refresh your stressed up mind.

  66. 7Trave :7Trave is a tech, entertainment, business and travel blog catering to a wide iety of audience across the globe. They include interesting and intriguing content on their website which is polished every other day. You can read some amazing business ideas, travel tips and entertainment news as 7 Trave.

  67. comedyflavors :Life is too short to bored, sad or disheartened. Comedy Flavors is a blog that aims to bring happiness and laughter to your life. They publish latest Indian Buzz and let you have a light time reading it. All the content on this website is worth sharing and reading. If you are having a dull day, switch to Comedy Flavors to have a blast.

  68. Noisy Radicals :Noisy Radicals is a lifestyle and travel blog that has a lot of happening and incredible things to read out. Full of entertaining and factual content, the website caters to all types of audiences. You can find your next travel inspiration or get to know a fact or two about your pet on this website.

  69. ltgawards :Traveling with luxury is what we all dream of and there are a few dreamers who turn it to reality. If you belong to the clan, here is a blog that will help you attain your goals. From travel guide to best luxury destinations and hotels, Luxury Travel Guide brings you a lot of knowledge about traveling with luxury.

  70. whennotesfly :You get knowledge and wisdom When Notes Fly. This is blog where you can access the biggest vault of articles in all categories. From business, to finance to travel and more, here is everything you ever wished to read and understand. Highly content rich copies to enrich your knowledge.

  71. Reacho :Reacho is a platform that shares content on a iety of niches including news, entertainment, food travel and more. You can read through the website whole day without getting bored with the incredible content. They have anything and everything to qualify in the list of best websites for readers.

  72. titpit :Want something interesting, mind-boggling and amazing to read, log in to titpit.  Get amazing blogs on entertainment, facts, lifestyle, news and travel. They have great content on each topic which helps the readers to expand their knowledge base, find new ideas and connect with like-minded people.

  73. firsttoknow :With focus on news, entertainment, travel and tech, First To Know brings you high-quality, firsthand information about everything in the world. A content-rich platform, the blog shares travel stories and guides to some of the best travel destination in the world.


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