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17 Jan 2024 02:09 PM

She is daring, she is fun loving, she is smart and travel enthusiasts!! She treks the mountains, rows the seas, and rides the waves and much more- all alone. A solo woman is one daring mind, body and soul that loves travelling and unveiling ious have hidden secrets across the globe. Thankfully she is gracious enough to let you enjoy her experiences and prepare yourself for a solo trip to the same trail. Solo woman travel blogs are knowledgeable enough to help you shed away your doubts and head on to your favourite place in the world enjoying the company of your own. Here are the top solo woman travel blogs 2018 for all aspiring solo woman travellers who wish to do it on their own:

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  1. Akankshadureja :  Direct Dil Se is a blog by Akanksha Dudreja who is a travel enthusiast by core. With passion for writing, traveling, reading and trying new food, Akanksha has made a blog that has every spice of a traveler’s life. Akanksha has explored a iety of terrain and penned down her experiences for her readers.
  2. Travel Diary Parnashree : My Travel Diaries, a blog by Pamasree is the real representation of a traveller’s life. A photo Editor by profession, Pamasree has travelled to many exotic places and made some rich experiences to share with her readers. She loves food and travel and making friends during her journey.
  3. Manjulikapramod : Manjulika Pramod is a travel and lifestyle blogger by passion and a telecom engineer by profession. She is fond of writing, trying out new food and traveling to the core of different countries to find out the more about the hidden secrets
  4. Travelseewrite : Archana Sing is a die-hard fan of traveling and reporting the unreported. A Brand Management Expert by Profession, Archana Sing is dedicated to explore the world and make untold human stories public. She loves photography and her talent is evident on her blog.
  5. Girlgonebirdzz : Madhushri better known as Maddie is a travel and biodiversity enthusiasts. Her blog is dedicated to travelling, frogs and birds. She is formally trained
  6. Quirkywanderer : You will never get bored at Quirky Wanderer. Divsi Gupta is a phenomenal travel blogger exploring the world and jotting down her experiences for your travel inspirations. From rural India to foreign lands, she has a story to tell about every place.
  7. Ravenouslegs : Medhavi Davda is a Solo Woman Traveler & Adventure Travel Blogger who has made an impression in the blogging world. From solo backpacking to narrating her experiences at Tedx, Medhavi has done it all. She is also a dance enthusiast and loves Tango, Bachata, Salsa, Waltz, Jazz, Cha Cha Cha besides playing excellent Badminton.
  8. Bidishabanik : Resfeber 18  is a homebound traveler who love travel and stay at home all at same time.
  9. Un travel :Blogger Nidhi Thakur sets a beautiful blog for the travel lovers. Starting from her first solo trip to McLeodganj to shifting permanently to Dharamshala, Nidhi has a lot of travel stories to share. She narrates some really enriching stories about culture, food, travel and people across India.
  10. Wild-About-Travel :As the name suggests, this is one blog founded by a blogger who is ‘Wild About Travel.’ With a passion for travel, story-telling and photography, Simon shares her travel experiences with the world through her blog. You can find some serious inspiration in her writing as Simon also happens to be a public speaker.
  11. Wanderling :With an obsession to travel cheap and better, Jenn established this blog and is helping more wanderers to reach their travel destination affordably. Besides sharing flight deals, Jenn also offers travel guides crafted by expert travel bloggers.
  12. Safe and healthy travel :Jacomijn is a solo traveler who founded the blog Safe and Healthy Travel in 2015. She started solo traveling in the year 2012 and since then have visited a lot of countries to gain rich experience. Jacomijn works as a full-time Police Officer in Netherlands.
  13. 52Perfectdays :An established travel blogger and travel podcaster, Alexa manages the rich blog 52 Perfect Days. Alexa enjoys traveling with her son from place to place and shares her experiences on her blog. Her blog is a perfect mix of travel experiences, guides, tips and memories.
  14. Trippindian :A blog by Neha Parti, Trippin India is all about travel, fun and adventure. Neha is a traveler by passion and profession and shares her travel stories on her blog. Find out some awesome stories about traveling in India and the world on this blog.
  15. Travelers Journal: Shailany Vizconde is a 27-year-old travel blogger who shares her life experiences with her reader on her blog Traveler’s Journal. An adventure-seeker and a backpacker, Shailany has traveled to many countries and experienced the true life of a traveler.
  16. Wanderlustcraving:Ayandrali Dutta  love Travel for travel sake tea junkie,gypsy feet. Explore new terrains books  with enfless bucket list.
  17. Fortravelista :Alice Ross, an enthusiastic travel blogger writes down best of the blog for people who love to travel. She frequently visits some amazing countries and destinations and shares her story and experience with her audience through her blog. From travel tips to travel gears to destinations and booking assistance, you can find anything and everything related to travel on For Travelista.

  18. Anitabora :If you want a vault of amazing and interesting stuff at a place, Just A Little Something is where you must hit right away. A blog established by Anita Bora, JALS has a perfect mix of content and travel experiences for the readers. You can read on travel, Photography, Sports & Adventure, Winning & Dining, Art & Culture and more on JALS.

  19. Karoliinakazi :Karoliina Kazi is the founder of this incredible blog. She lives in London and shares the story of her life in London and her experiences during her getaways. She writes reviews, travelogues, mini travel guides to ious locations. Born and bought up in Finland, she is living in London for last eleven years.

  20. Runawaybrit :Runaway Brit, an innovative name for an innovative blog. Brit, a teacher, a traveler, an immigrant and more, maintains this incredible blog. She is an avid traveler and blogger, sharing her experiences with other readers. She started the blog in 2007 and is nurturing it well since then.

  21. Cuttingloose :Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu, the founder of Cutting loose is an avid traveler and reader. She loves to try and relish food of ieties and writes her experiences for her readers.  She put all her passion and expression in her writing to offer her readers the best of the pieces to read and learn from.

  22. Karimadimana :Karima started her backpacker & blogger career in 2008 and since then, never looked back.  She excels in sharing quality tips on budget travels and making itineraries for people to visit the best places in the world. She has been to Asia and Australia. A core traveler, she also is a published book author.

  23. CarpeTtravel.:Are you a wine lover? Can you not resist the taste and scent of wine? If yes, this is where you get the best wine guides. Carpe Travel is dedicated wine guide blog that helps wine lovers to seek the best wines in the world. Elaine Schoch is a travel writer who has won many awards for her writings, a wine lover herself, she is dedicated to help novice and pro wine lovers finding the best wines of the world.

  24. Ankionthemove :Read the best of the stories from the pen of Anki. She is an award-winning travel blogger and vlogger who narrates her story through picture, videos and content. She has traveled more than 18 countries, covered 380+ stories and recorded over 100+ videos so far for her beloved audiences.

  25. Travelbooksfood :What is the best combination in the world? It’s Travel, Book and Food and with passion for all three, Soumya Nambiar set up her blog. Born and brought up in Tanzania, Soumya is an entrepreneur who now lives in Bangalore. She travels a lot and share her love for travel, books and food in writing through her blog.

  26. Dangerous Business :Dangerous Business is a travel blog set up by Amanda, a small town girl from Ohio. Finding her inspiration to travel with Lord of the Rings, she once wanted to visit New Zealand and today, she has been there and many other places to narrate her experience on her blog. Find her amazing travel stories on her blog.

  27. Travel.Bhushavali :  Travel.Bhushavali is a travel blog set up by Bhushavali N. She’s an fashion and textile designer by profession and ardent traveller by passion. She likes riding her bike and enjoy the journey itself , as much as the destination. Find her experiential travel stories on her blog. 

  28. Travel.Priyankawriting : Travel.Priyankawriting is a travel blog started by Priyanka Dalal. She’s a digital marketer by profession and an avid traveller. She’s lives in Mumbai and her travel journey started with a 15 days solo journey. Find her amazing travel journeys on her blog.

  29. Shalusharma :Read the best of the stories from the pen of Shalu Sharma. She’s an Indian housewife living in Bihar and writes about travelling in India , in her free time who loves to travel and see the world. Catch her travel stories on her blog.

  30. Getsetandgo : Getsetandgo is a travel blog started by Snigdha Jain. She’s an banker by profession based out of Mumbai. She loves to talk,eat,cook,read,write make crafty things , hang out with friends “her ultimate thing” is travelling. Find her amazing travel sories on her blog. 

  31. World of Wanderlust – Brook Saward, an Australian girl with restless feet and eyes wide open, travels the world solo full time. Check also her YouTube channel.
  32. Adventurous Kate – Kate McCulley is a solo female traveler with a goal to clear the myths about women traveling solo and show you how you can travel the world on your own – easily, safely, and adventurously.
  33. Young Adventuress – Liz Carlson lived as an expat in Spain and now she has moved to New Zealand. Her blog is a space where culture, travel, and misadventure collide.
  34. Just One Way Ticket – Sabrina Iovino, half German-half Italian graphic designer, has made travelling her lifestyle. Find out how to follow your dreams and just take off.
  35. Alex in Wanderland – Alexandra Baackes is a New York native obsessed with photography, scuba diving, and reading guidebooks to countries she has no immediate plans to visit.
  36. The Shooting Star – 20-something Shivya Nath is India’s best female travel blogger.
  37. Hippie in Heels – A blonde hippie & girlie girl at times travels around the world. She is now living the beach life in Goa, India.
  38. Breathe Dream Go – Mariellen Ward is a travel writer and India travel expert. The blog also covers meaningful adventure travel to Canada, Costa Rica, South Asia, Ireland.
  39. That Backpacker – Audrey Bergner slowly travels around the world, usually in search of markets, street food, jungles and beaches.
  40. Mags on the Move – Weird activities and awkward encounters at home and abroad.
  41. Traveling with MJ – Mary Jo, travel blogger and publisher who is always packed for the next adventure.
  42. LL World Tour – Emmy Award winning TV producer leaves behind her “conventional” life to travel around the world.
  43. LL World Tour – Emmy Award winning TV producer leaves behind her “conventional” life to travel around the world.
  44. Chasing the Unexpected – Angela’s personal feelings about places, people and traditions.
  45. The Quirky Traveller – Quirky tales from a lifetime of travel, sharing what is unusual, inspiring and informative from the world of travel and social media.
  46. Fearful Adventurer – Torre DeRoche is the author of ‘Love with a Chance of Drowning,’ a travel memoir that originally began as a blog.
  47. Ali Adventures – Ali is a writer, expat and travel addict – she’s been to all 7 continents before her 30th birthday. On the blog she shares her slow travel experiences.
  48. Runaway Juno – Juno Kim is an award-winning storyteller: writer, and photographer.
  49. From Shores to Skylines – Katie, a biologist by day, travel blogger by night, with a passion for travel, food, conservation and the ocean.
  50. Traveler Folio – Eunice comes form Singapore, on her blog she shares useful travel tips and information of holiday destinations and attractions.
  51. Heart My Backpack – Silvia blogs about offbeat travel through 60+ countries, trying to challenge misconceptions we have about countries due to representation in Western media.
  52. A Lady in London – Expat Californian living in London, with over 100 countries under her belt, bringing you the best of London and the rest of the world.
  53. Curious Cat Expat – Inta has her smile and cameras always with her. Find here travel inspiration, photography, expat diaries and living overseas tips.
  54. Girl vs Globe – Sabina is an international troublemaker, with passion for fashion, travel and food.
  55. My Travel Affairs – The Luckiest Girl in the World aka.Crazy Polish Girl, Marysia tweet about photography, travel and her quirky views on life.
  56. Anna Everywhere – For the last 10 years, Anna has been traveling and living in different places around the globe. On her blog she shares travel advice and expat tips.
  57. Lash World Tour – Cultural insights, travel tips and stories form 14+ years of Lash on the road.
  58. Blogger at Large – Megan Singleton’s travel blog of honest reviews, great advice, photos and video of destinations all over the world.
  59. Bucket List Journey – Annette is a travel writer, restaurant owner and new experience collector exploring the world in search of bucket list adventures.
  60. Eat Sleep Breathe Travel – Hannah, a Canadian travel addict who has been dreaming of adventure since she first watched Indiana Jones.
  61. Seattle’s Travels – Seattle Dredge is a 26 year old travel blogger, currently living in Toronto, Canada.
  62. A Globe Well Travelled – Ashlea, a colorfully clothed and excitable vegetarian who loves photography and exploring the world.
  63. Adventurous Miriam – Miriam’s travel adventure, Danish girl willing to take a risk to experience something new.
  64. Flora the Explorer – Flora travels, teaches and volunteers around the world, with the aim to visit each continent twice before she turn 31.
  65. Emma’s Travel Tales – A twenty-something Scottish girl who’s obsessed with travel. Emma is busy making memories around the world.
  66. Angie Away – A travel the world with the girl next door, Angie.
  67. Adrian’s Travel Tales – Adrian Ann started out teaching English in Asia for a year and then jumped into being a full time traveler.
  68. Nerdy Nomad – Kirsty is joining her two passions: travelling and volunteering.
  69. Katie Aune – Katie wonders along the roads less traveled, like spending a year traveling & volunteering in the former Soviet Union.
  70. Senyorita – A travel blog of a twenty-something Filipina who aims to conquer the world one continent at a time.
  71. This American Girl – Two years ago Camille left her conventional city life for the jungle in Costa Rica. You can follow her travels and adventures through the blog.
  72. Jessie on a Journey – With a focus on adventure, budget, culture and offbeat experiences, Jessie on a Journey provides tips and guides even the most savvy backpackers can appreciate.
  73. Vicky Flip Flop Travels – Victoria is a travel and festival blogger. She travels as much as I can and have good tips on how to make the most of their annual leave, weekends and money.
  74. Emily Luxton – A long running travel blog which combines personal travel stories with lots of reviews and how-to guides.
  75. Pommie Travels – A blog by Victoria, a British girl who has been travelling the world since 2008, living and working remotely.
  76. Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler – A blog by ex-stewardess from Slovakia, who made traveling the reason of her life.
  77. Global  Gallivanting –  This blog was started by  Anna, She’s a writer, dreamer, nomad and travel addict originally from sleepy Suffolk in the UK. She quit her job and has been traveling slowly, independently and on a budget around India, Southeast Asia and Australia ever since.
  78. Cherryl Howard –  This blog was initiated by Cherryl Howard .Her wanderlust has taken her 38 countries, stretching across four continents.
  79. Not Without My Pasport –   Helen is a travel writer ,photographer and  always curious. She search the world for beauty and inspiration while sharing valuable tips to help you plan your next trip.
  80. Borderlass –   She’s a person who is passionate about travel and likes to see as much of the planet, its people, and nature as possible.
  81. The Wanderlust Effect –   The blogger tends to share her  experiences, places that have inspired, and destinations that have changed her perspectives on the world.


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