Top 8 haunted places in China



1. Yun Shan Dian Hotel - Chengde
yun shun dian hotel_1469885316e11.jpg

2. The Forbidden City
the forbidden city china_1469885317u20.JPG

3. The Burma Inn - Beijing
the burma inn_1469885319u30.jpg

4. Huguan Opera House - Beijing
huguan opera house_1469885319u40.jpg

5. The Great Wall - Beijing
the great wall of china_1469885320u50.jpg

6. Dead Fengman Village - China
dead fengman village china_1469885323u60.jpg

7. Tuen Mun Road - Tuen Mun
tuen mun road haunted china_1469885324u70.jpg

8. Chaonei Church - Chaoyang District
chaonei china_1469885324u80.jpg

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