Tips and tricks for Duty free shopping

Tips and tricks for Duty free shopping

  The best thing to do at the airports is to explore Duty free shops, as we all know that we get great discounts on Duty free shopping and everything is tax-free, which makes everything all the more alluring from imported wines and liquor to eclectic chocolate brands, perfumes, bags and what not. While Duty free shopping sometimes is a great option for last-minute gifts shopping, getting great deals on a luxury good.  So whether you are meandering around the Duty free shop to kill your time before the flight or determined to buy luxurious chocolates and best wines. These tips and tricks for Duty free shopping will help you to grab the best deals. 

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Here is a list for you - Tips and tricks for Duty free shopping

1. Be aware of exchange rates

Be aware of exchange rates


It is important to be aware of the exchange rates, as you could end up spending double the price of your favourite liquor, chocolates or accessories. So be aware of the country’s exchange rate to your currency.

2. Buy local products to get the best deals


It is always feasible to buy the local products from the Duty free shops, suppose you are are in Stockholm, so don’t forget to grab Swedish Vodka or Italian wines when in Rome. 

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3. Get great deals on luxury perfumes

Get great deals on luxury perfumes


There are myriad of luxury perfume brands, and getting great discounts and deals at Duty free shop is not a big deal. There are always heavy discounts on the luxury brands at the Duty free shops, so don't forget to grab the best deal. 

4. Paradise for chocolate lovers


Duty free shopping is a paradise for chocolate lovers, name chocolate and you will get there, that too the latest version of all of them. To grab the discounts go for their local produce, like Date chocolates at Dubai Airport, Swiss chocolates at Switzerland and similarly for the other local produce. 

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5. Keep your boarding pass handy


When you are in the Check out queue keep your boarding pass out and be ready to be inspected as they make sure you are travelling to the different country and eligible for Duty free shopping. 

Duty free is an integral part of an Airport journey so knowing about few tricks and tips to grab the best deals at the Duty free shops, can save you lot of money and can bring you lot of happiness too. So happy shopping at Duty free shops and bon voyage.

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