Thrilling Adventure Sports In Australia- Let Excitement Take Over!

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Thrilling Adventure Sports In Australia- Let Excitement Take Over!

All of us know about this extreme sport where you are tied with a stretchable rope and thrown off a tall cliff. Only the dead or the unconscious would not scream when coming down to the surface of earth at a neck break speed. Head towards Smithfield, located at 15km north of Cairns for the best of bungee jumping experience in Australia. Nestled in a deep rain forest, this place offers the travellers to jump into a pool from the AJ Hackett Bungee Tower guarded by just the elastic rope and your courage is your only asset here. Come here, try and taste the levels of your guts and excitement that you can not realize in a routine day back in your home or office.

2. Skydiving

Without any argument and debate, lets admit, you got to be a man/woman of a lion's heart to do acrobatics in free fall before pulling the ripcord of a parachute. One of the most dangerous and spine chilling adventure sports, skydiving is an activity to undergo in the city of Sydney where several companies offer the services for the travellers. The feeling is a mixture of thrill and joy when you descend from space (from 14,000- 15,000 feet) to the ground and comes in front of you the stunning view of the Blue Mountains and a aerial view of the city.

3. Canoeing

The Blue Mountain range in New South Wales is the destination where you can be a part of some memorable canoeing adventure. The fact that this area is a World Heritage site and lies at few hours drive from Sydney makes it a popular spot for all travellers. There are several companies that provide the canoeing trip down the Wollemi Wilderness area. The degree of intensity of these trips depend upon the ability and experience of the sailors.

 The ultimate sport performed over the violent waves of some strong current rivers, rafting comes in two types in Australia- for the veteran and the starters. The Franklin River in Tasmania is the destination where there are radical rapids, fast current flow of water and breathtaking turns. There are many rafting tour in this region that lasts from 5, 7 or 10 days. On the other hand, rivers like Derwent and Picton are conducive for their gentler mood.

The Great Dividing Range in the New South Wales region with its challenging territory gives the mountain biking enthusiasts the time of their lives. Covered by deep forests and lush green valleys, this area is a heaven for bikers. Excitement is very necessary in human lives for the very basic fact that, it fills our souls with thrill and the anticipation of the unexpected. The extreme sports in Australia are the perfect ways to let ventilation of the piled up angst and anger that we store in our minds over the period of time.

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