The most amazing new airports opening in 2019

The most amazing new airports opening in 2019

  The new introduced and structured airports around the globe has provided the travelers with a great amount of ease as for most of the destinations there are no more hassles to stay or wait for the connecting flights. People no longer have to wait for connecting flights and spend hours unnecessarily. The newly formed airports in certain spaces have modernized designed and are equipped with all essential commodities that passengers need while traveling. Given below is the list of new airports built across the world

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Here is a list for you - The most amazing new airports opening in 2019

1. Israel's Ilan and Asaf Ramon International Airport


The airport has been structured using the modernized design which is surrounded by the desert sands. The budget for building this airport stood to a massive amount of 473.5 million US dollars. The airport is constructed by the architects of Amir Mann-Ami Shinar along with the partner architects of Moshe Tzur. The structure is a low rise building built with glass paneling that evokes the air travel's futuristic form. This airport is located at a distance of 18km from Eilat and is spread across a huge land measuring up to 1250 acres. The name of the airport is coined after Illan Ramon who was the first astronaut of Israel and his descendant, Assaf Ramon, a former pilot of the F-16 aircraft in Israel's Air Force.

2. Singapore's Changi Airport


The Changi Airport is yet to be inaugurated and open to the travelers on the 17th day of April this year as per the official announcements. The project has a Rain Vortex that is one of the most fantastic aspects that is hoped to create a mesmerizing feel in the minds of the viewers. The waterfall is located at a height of 130 feet from the ground and is the world's highest waterfall indoors. The airport will be a hub located centrally for three different terminals of the airports. The designer of the airport is Moshe Safdie. The airport has glass paneling where the building is created in the shape of a donut which is spread over an area of 1.4 million sq. ft. The design of the airport had a budget of around 1.7 billion Singaporean dollars.

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3. Turkey's Istanbul Airport


The Istanbul Airport is yet to fully open on the 29th day of October in this year; however, only a few airlines in Turkey are running from the airport at present. The official announcements of moving the airport and flights are made on the 6th of April. The traffic of Ataturk is hoped to be transferred if not completely then at a range of 70 to 80% by the end of this year. The planning for this airport was done for a long time but the controversies regarding the green concept remained and delayed the inauguration of this airport.

4. England's Carlisle Lake District Airport

England's Carlisle Lake District Airport


The region where the airport is built in the United Kingdom is mostly rocky and is rugged. The airports are yet to be opened in the summer this year with no confirmed dates stated by the officials. The airport will host flights traveling to Belfast, Dublin, and London. The airport had several delays while being constructed along with a few of them remaining skeptical. The flights are available for booking and the routes now are under the operation of the Scottish airline Loganair.

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5. Spain's Murcia-Corvera Airport


The Murcia-Corvera airport is Spain was inaugurated in January this year 2019. The commercial flights are also heading up the airport recently in more numbers compared to the San Javier airport that was the regional hub earlier. The airport was opened and inaugurated by Spain's King Felipe VI. The approximated budget for constructing the airport was 561 million US dollars. The airport is located at equal distances from Cartagena and Murcia. The airport has a linkage with the motorway network that hosts a variety of resorts on road nearby.

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