Most Haunted Places in Uttrakhand

Most Haunted Places in Uttrakhand

In the world of today where modernization and technology have been taking a lead, still there exist a fear of ghosts in the mind of people. Hearing the word haunted makes people feel scared and they certainly avoid going to those places. So given below is the list of ten places in Uttarakhand which are haunted and you should not visit.

Here is a list for you - Most Haunted Places in Uttrakhand

1. Pari Tibba

Pari Tibba

Pari Tibba is a compactly wooded hill south of Mussoorie’s legendary Woodstock School and is considered a paranormal hotspot. Usually, you will find lightning struck in this area. It is believed that two lovers died in the woods of this forest by getting struck by lightning. So people believe that their souls are roaming there and it is quite a haunted place.

2. Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel

This hotel is the most haunted place in Mussoorie where in the year 1911, Lady Garnet Orme, a British spiritualist was poisoned and found dead. Later on, even her doctors were found dead. This all remained a mystery but now people believe that the spirit of Lady Orme roams there. Guests have seen her and have heard whispers and closings and openings of doors.

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3. Haunted House Lohaghat

Haunted House Lohaghat

This place is quite a secluded one and a British couple stayed there. Later on, they give place to a hospital. A number of patients used to visit this place as the team of professional doctors were quite good. But later on, one doctor joined who use to predict future actually just the date of death of the person. Usually, patients use to die on that date and before dying, they were kept in Mukti Kothari for rest. People believed that the doctor actually killed the patients on a particular day and now spirits are roaming to get the payback. So it is quite a scary place and people usually don't visit.

4. Lambi Dehra Mines

Lambi Dehra Mines

This place is present on the outskirts of Mussoorie and nobody stays there. Usually, people use to work there but these lime mines made people fall ill and ultimately die. People use to work because of there poverty but they died suffering here. So, later on, this mine was close and a great number of people have heard disturbing noises and many such elements at this place. So it is a haunted zone and nobody dares to visit it.

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5. Mullingar Mansion

Mullingar Mansion

Mullingar Mansion was built in 1825 by an Irishman named Captain Young and was the first home built in that period. The place was a home to him just for some time but later on, people don't know where Captain Young went. Some believe he went with his troop back to his region, but, some said he died there and his soul wanders. Many people have even seen the ghosts during late night, roaming there and trying to block ways of people. Thus, it is quite a haunted place and people usually don't visit there.

Thus these are some of the placed which are haunted in the Uttrakhand region.


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