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India to Cyprus Visa Application Process

India to Cyprus Visa Application Process

To enter the land of Cyprus one needs a Visa for this.  There are certain documents which are to be submitted to the Embassy. The documents are:-

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1. Visa Application

Visa Application

The application form should be downloaded and completely filled. The columns which do not require your details write not applicable there. The application form should be submitted by hand with all the documents. However, if you stay far like beyond 300 km then send it through mail service. While sending do attach an envelope with a stamp and self-address to receive the passport back to your place. Do go for registered service which is safe.

2. Passport


You need to have a valid passport. The passport should be in a good condition that is no tearing or creases should be there on it. There should be a minimum of two blank pages in it for the stamp. The passport should be valid for more than six months after your return from Cyprus.  If you have an old passport or visa of other countries, do attach them along.

3. Passport size photographs

Passport size photographs

Two passport size photographs should be attached along. The photographs should have a white background and the size of the photo should be 35 mm into 45 mm. The photograph should be such that eighty percent of the face is clearly visible in it. The background of the photo should be white and should have a matte finish.

4. Travel insurance

Travel insurance

It is mandatory to have travel insurance if you want to visit Cyprus. The insurance should be valid for the period till you are going to stay there.

Income Tax return-

The income tax return of last three years should be attached along.

Bank statement-

The bank statement of last six months is to be attached along. There should be sufficient funds in it which should prove the affordability for the trip. So this statement is an important one.

Salary slip-

If you are employed then salary slips for the last three months should be attached along.

Leave letter-

If employed then original leave letter from the company on its letterhead should be submitted along.


If you are retired then pension record is to be attached. Even the proof of retirement id required along


For the person having an own business should attach the certificate of registration of business.

5. General Information

General Information

The students should attach the enrolment certificate from school and leave certificate which is granted by the school.

NOC letter-

The letter from husband or father is required if women are traveling alone.

The visa fee is Rs 6000 per person and the processing will take a period of 15 days. Once you get the Visa if given by hand then go and collect it. If using mail service it will be sent to you.

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