Here Is All You Need To Know About The Finger Licking Delicacies Of Kenya

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Here Is All You Need To Know About The Finger Licking Delicacies Of Kenya


Kenya, with its diverse culture and love for everything full of life considers their food one of the most lovable experience. They believe in the mantra that Food tastes much better when eaten with hands. Kenya love its food and they believe that there are some of their signature dishes and ingredients that anyone who visits Kenya should try out. So when in Kenya you have to try out few of their best preparations which are recommended by the top chefs themselves. Let us have a look so that next time we plan to visit this place we should know what exactly is the best food of Kenya.

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1. Ugali Is The Food Of Heart 5.0 

Ugali Is The Food Of Heart


Be in in the form of roasted meat, shredded meat or anything people of Kenya just love meat. If you want to enjoy the meat to its fullest try it out with Kachumbari or Salsa that goes well with everything. And when it has a hint of tomatoes, lemon, onions and some chilly you would want nothing else in the world. Ugali is one of the most loved preparation of meat which is like a plane slab of meat which might appear bland but locals of Kenya love it. Especially when served with some side vegetables it makes a very rich cuisine of Kenya.

2. Tilapia And Kuku Kienjeyi 5.0 

Tilapia And Kuku Kienjeyi


Tilapia is the most common fish in Kenya and is found in abundance in the lake Victoria. It is deep fried fish served as a starter or a side dish. The most loved preparations of fish has to be from prawns and shrimps which is served with varied chutney. If you love chicken you should definitely try out Kuku Kienjeyi which is a free range chicken topped with coconut.

3. Love For Vegetarian Food 5.0 

Love For Vegetarian Food


Kenya food is actually a heavy dose of vegetarian delicacies. One of the country’s staple vegetable has to be sukuma wiki, which is collard green cooked with onion and spices. Mboga is an umbrella term for vegetables which includes the variety of vegetables which come from different states across the country. Some of the most loved vegetarian food has to be Githeri, which includes maize, beans and avocados. Kenyan food also includes a lot of pulses which are Ndengumung beans and Njahiblack beans.

4. Hint Of Indianness 5.0 

Hint Of Indianness


Kenya has the large indian population and the love for the Indian food is eternal. From chapatis, samosas, bhajia, biryani and curries are considered some of the best food of Kenya but with a local twist. Chapatis in Kenya are made from white flour and fried in ghee before serving. Fried potatoes are something the Kenyans love and is a major part of every day meal.

5. And What Is A Good Meal Without Some Sweets 5.0 

And What Is A Good Meal Without Some Sweets

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