The Maasai's in Kenya: Trudging the Road of Modernity Retaining their Tradition

The Maasai's in Kenya: Trudging the Road of Modernity Retaining their Tradition

The Maasai's in Kenya, Africa are probably the only existing tribes on this planet which maintain that ultimate paradox of tradition with modernity. A visit to the Maasai land and one gets to know what we lose thriving in the modern townships. It is very hard to find a Maasai who would be suffering from any disease. They are strong enough to be on their foot for days together. They can take you on a safari all along by themselves. Killing those wild beasts singlehandedly. So visit Maasai land to see it for yourself.

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Here is a list for you - The Maasai's in Kenya: Trudging the Road of Modernity Retaining their Tradition


Maasai tribe, the name itself blends an image of a pastoral tribe famous for their authentic culture, picture perfect portraits of tall lean warriors dressed in red and beaded jewelry. As narrated to us the Maasai are considered to be the progeny of the 'Maa' speaking tribes who migrated to the land of Kenya and Tanzania from the lower Nile valley during the 15th century.Astonishment knew no bounds for us after knowing that the Maasai's are polygamous in nature and attach devout prestige towards childbirth. As per their belief the Maasai measure a man's status and wealth by the amount of cattle and children he is having.It was told to us that even if a maasai's wife happens to be pregnant by another man the child is brought up by the man married to the woman. The Maasai's are a blend of culture, tradition and belief. What's surprising about them is that there is not even a single person in the Maasai tribe who would be found suffering with high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity. The secret of their health lies in their food habits.The intake of salt for the Maasai's is 2.5 gms a day only as compared to 7.5 ? 12 gms of salt of an average man. Apart from this the Masai consume about 2-3 litres of cow's milk a day as against 200 ? 500 ml of milk consumed by us.Apart from cow's milk the Maasai's consume yoghurt made by natural means. Not only the food habits the Maasai's have some very interesting tribal ceremonies which is an added attraction for tourists and visitors like us.The tribal ceremonies of the Maasai's as that of the warrior jumping dance is of utmost importance. Here the young Maasai warrior youths jump as high as possible into the air to show off their strength and agility. This ceremony was also accompanied with the hunting down of a lion to earn the right to marry.This practice of slaughtering the majestic endangered species was stopped by the Kenyan Govt until recently. The story doesn't stop here as the Maasai's tribal history is said to be passed on orally by the male elders. This is called as the Emanyatta ceremony which takes place every one or two years with a generation grouping of seven years. The Maasai tribal men could be easily identified amidst a group, especially for their red blanket drapings and the long spears in their hands with their hair colored with red dye.Maasai women are also dressed up in a similar way but the only difference being they are dolled up with lot much of beaded jewelry. Truly, they look so stylish. Though the Masai tribals have started interacting with the outer world taking active participation as safari guides but a note of caution for tourists and visitors .There are certain things which one should keep in mind prior meeting the Maasai's. It is mandatory for a tourist or a visitor to take permission from the masai's before clicking their photographs .The journey to the Maasai land was incredibly adorable.

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