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Fulfill your dream of staying in an Igloo in Manali

Fulfill your dream of staying in an Igloo in Manali

Every one of us has wondered at least once in their lives about going on an adventure trip just like Bear Grylls from the Man vs. Wild show on Discovery Channel. The adventure trip can be to any place such as a jungle, desert or in the cold arctic. The brave feats that these people achieve on the show and the fun that they often have makes us wonder if we too could have similar fun at least once in life. Well, if staying  in a house of snow, an igloo, has been your dream, I have found just the right place for you to go live your dream. Don’t worry, you do not have to go as far as the north pole or the south pole, you can have the same experience right here in Manali, Kullu Valley, India!

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1. The amazing Igloo Stay:

The fantastic idea of a Manali Igloo stay was brought into life by winter-sport specialists, Vikas Kumar and TashrriDorje. Every one of us has built sand castles or snow castles in our childhoods. Well, these two guys have taken this childhood memory to a whole new level and started a business out of it! If you are looking for an igloo experience, February is the only time left this year, apart from December, which is well, too far. March onwards the weather in Manali will turn warm and will cause the igloo structure to fail hence if you are looking for a great experience, now is the time to pack all your winter clothing and head to Manali for a once in a lifetime experience.

4. Your shield for the chill:

Your shield for the chill:

Don’t worry of the cold as the management will be there to help you fight the cold staying in the igloo by providing you will all the necessary blankets and warm clothes for you to have a comfortable stay and to ensure that you do not freeze to death at night!

5. Additional features:

Other 5 star features of your stay in this dream location include the provision of 3-time hot meals along with barbecues and bonfires to keep you interested in your pleasant stay. The services offered by the management will also ensure that you get all the necessary heating required without having any risk of damaging the igloo structure which may threaten your life.
So, if you are looking for a great stay in a dream snow house with all the luxuries of a good hotel, you can rush to Manali and contact these people to ensure that your dream is fulfilled. So, don’t waste your time and start packing for this one hell of a ride!

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