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Free From Restrictions 29 Islands In Andaman And Nicobar

Free From Restrictions 29 Islands In Andaman And Nicobar

Are you planning to visit Andaman & Nicobar Island? Or have a wish to visit this place. So, here is the good news for you. The Union home ministry of India has removed 29 inhabited islands in Andaman and Nicobar from Restricted Area Permit (RAP) till December 31, 2022. This constructive step is taken to increasethe travellers andpromote tourism on the island. Now, due to this updating of RAP, you don’t need any prior permission from the government to visit these islands. Earlier, the foreigners have to take permission to visit these islands. “The decision has been taken to dispense with the RAP for foreigners visiting the Andaman and Nicobar to boost tourism and overall development of the island. These 29 islands are being developed into tourist attractions on the lines of popular South-east Asian beach destination," are the words of a ministry official.  

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1. List of Islands Excluded from RAP

1. East Island
2. North Andaman
3. Smith Island
4. Curfew Island
5. Stewart Island
6. Land Fall Island
7. Aves Island
8. Middle Andaman
9. Long Island
10. Strait Island
11. North Passage
12. Baratang
13. South Andaman;
14. Havelock
15. Neil Island
16. Flat Bay
17. North Sentinel Island
18. Little Andaman
19. Chowra
20. Tillang Chong Island
21. Teressa
22. Katchal
23. Nancowry
24. Kamorta
25. Pulomilo
26. Great Nicobar
27. Little Nicobar
28. Narcondam Island
29. Interview Island

I visited the Andaman & Nicobar in 2014, at that time I was not so much lucky. Along with these 29 islands, some islands were also restricted for tourists due to some safety issues.

3. Countries Which Require RAP Restricted Area Permit

The Government of India did not give relaxation to the citizens of some countries like citizens of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan and foreign nationals having their origin in these countries.
“They would continue to require the Restricted Area Permit to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In such cases, the Restricted Area Permit may be granted only after obtaining prior approval of the ministry of home affairs,” words of a senior MHA official.
Moreover, to visit Mayabunder and Diglipur places, the citizens of Myanmar will require RAP which will be issued only with the prior approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
In addition, the government is performing ious actions to establish preservation of natural and marine resources including marine parks and environment of the islands without disturbing tourism and business. The administration and the ministry of environment and forests are working together for the assurance. 
At present, if you want to visit reserved forests, wildlife sanctuaries and tribal the separate approvals of the competent authority are required.
 I hope the above section will be quite informative regarding the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. As the winters are near to come, it is the most suitable weather to visit Andaman & Nicobar. It is famous for scenic beauties. There beautiful beaches where hang calmly. If you are interested in adventures, this the best place to visit. There many water sports there to do. Best thing is that the beaches are not crowded you will enjoy the beauty and relax there.
So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead make a plan to visit Andaman & Nicobar in this season. Don’t miss the chance to see the new 29 islands excluded from RAP.

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