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Finding Korea In Canada- Toronto Koreatown

Known as Korea town of Toronto, the Ontario locality might seem to be a odd thing out in the first glance. But, after the surprise of the maiden shock, you start realizing the true significance of that place. It is a perfect example of cultural amalgamation and co-existence. Studded with some typically Korean aspects, Toronto Korea town is a joy to visit.

Toronto in Canada has been a very much top of mind destination when it comes to the travel, tourism and holiday scene. A very beautiful place in every sense of the term, Toronto happens to be the cultural capital of Canada and as a traveller; you will never fell short of tourist attractions and activities. Now, imagine you are strolling along the streets of Toronto in a pensive mood with some good music on your i-pod and after a turn around the street, you find yourself in Korea! Deja Vu? No, your are not having that either; as a matter of fact, you have just stepped in the famous Koreatown of Toronto.

Toronto in particular and Canada in general is home to a considerable number of Korea born or origin population, thanks to the liberal Canadian immigration laws. But these people have stood by their own culture and in that process have added a very cosmopolitan aspect to the existing local ways, only to enrich it. The place known as Toronto Koreatown is located in the Ontario neighbourhood, centred along Bloor Street between Christie and Bathurst Streets.

With a Korean population of over 50,000 in the city, the only thing you can expect here is the true flavour of this amazing Asian nation. A home away from home for the Koreans in Toronto, this place is full of sounds and sights, scenes and smells that reminds you of your last Asian holiday. So, to experience it on a first hand level, try the chobab (sushi) bars serving some mouthwatering dishes or the canteens that specializes on the signature Kimchi cuisines.

The bilingual hoardings will guide you through to your desired spots- a restaurant with fine bibimbap (mixed meal), cosmetic retailers, clothing retailers, bakeries, gift shops, grocery stores and many more.For the sake of just an information, if you come across a banner with 'Noraebang' written on it, do step inside- what awaits you is unmatched and irreplaceable. They are the renowned karaoke bars that are soaked in the Asian feel and aura. To get the best of this part of Toronto, plan out a vacation around the first weekend of June as you can be a part of the Dano Festival celebrated with fun and zeal. But, to do that, you have to plan a holiday; so, pick up the phone to get you travel planner busy and be there in Toronto!

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